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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursdays are for rambling...

Last Friday, Scott and I went to see Joel McHale. I LOVE Joel and The Soup is one of the few shows I still watch with regularity since the ending of my television world, LOST. So I was delighted when my husband surprised me with tickets. Verizon Theatre Section 101, row F. Great seats, I was thinking. Because, Row F, you would think 6th row, right? Well you’d be wrong. It was the THIRD row. Technically. One of those “rows” was only 2 seats {we were on the side of the stage} so that doesn’t even count.

I got the biggest glass of wine EVER. It was like 3 regular glasses. They certainly weren’t stingy with the pour in that case. Sure it was expensive, but even knowing the price {$16} I was shocked at the size. And they filled it to the absolute brim. As I walked to my seat, it was sloshing over the sides. I was feeling good when the show started.

It was super fun to see someone in “real life” that I’ve only ever seen on TV. I love comedy, stand up or improv. I love to laugh. It was really fun to see him. Great show. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

The only other thing I got going on is I burned the POO outta my face Monday morning. I laid my turbo hot curling iron across my cheek. Not the small little burns you get on your forehead or whatever. This spans across my entire left side of my face. Luckily, it hasn’t blistered. It’s just in that ugly scaly phase. It looks like lizard skin. It semi embarrassing to go out in public because I know people think I have a weird birthmark or facial deformity, LOL. I can’t really put makeup on it because I don’t want it to get infected. Plus, it burned until today. But it’s NASTY, people. Take my word for it. When my ex husband came to drop off Trenton last night, he in his eternal state of tact and politeness, said in disgust, “Gross. What happened to your face?!”. ::Sigh:: What’s worse than that? The fact that my current husband hasn’t noticed at all.

Carter’s birthday is creepy up. I’ve already book a petting zoo for that day which I am SO excited about. Rabbits, potbellied pigs, chickens, ducks, goats, mini donkey, mini cow, and a mini pony. AWESOME! And it’s at a time when snacks are appropriate as opposed to meals. I just need to figure out the cake. I think I’m going to do it myself this year. Cupcakes with Yo Gabba Gabba faces maybe? I think I can do that.  We'll see.  In the end, it doesn't friggin' matter because there's gonna be a MINI DONKEY! 


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Anonymous said...

Ouch and I hope you're feeling better. I had that problem with my neck, so now I put a small cloth near the skin before I roll the iron. sometimes tricky but it's worth the extra effort.
I want to come to the birthday party, because it sounds like a blast....Happy weekend, Kristen.....margie

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