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Sunday, October 10, 2010

How do you fix a Jack-O-Lantern? A Pumpkin Patch. ~ Joke by Trenton

We visited a really cute little Pumpkin Patch in Frisco this afternoon!  TONS of different kinds of pumpkins.  Casey's Pumpkin Patch.

The boys all got the standard orange pumpkin, but I got a crystal white one.  It's SO pretty!!

This place had a bounce house, a really good selection, great prices, AND some cute little animals for people to pet!  Ducklings, chicks and bunnies.  Really cool!  And they take donations for and I believe part of the proceeds go to Trees for Troops.  The boys enjoyed it.  Carter literally cried when we left and snuck his hand out of mine and tried to run back as we walked to the car, lol. 

Look at these HUGE pumpkins!!  They were MASSIVE!


Carter thought they were all just chairs being as they were the perfect height for him to sit on.


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