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Thursday, October 07, 2010


I feel like the photo in my last blog.  I feel undead.

The most wicked stomach virus is causing me issue.  Thus sleep and comfort are nearly impossible.  But I have lost 4 pounds in 24 hours.  Silver lining? 

Eating has NO appeal at the moment.  I haven't eaten anything since Tueday's dinner.  I bought a grilled chicken salad for lunch yesterday and I might as well have lit that money on fire, because I ate one tiny piece of grilled chicken before I just threw it all away.  I knew for sure I was sick when I went tanning and lay shivering in the bed.  I never turned on any of the air conditioners or fans. 

Thought it was the flu at first, but the main goal of my nasty invading visitor is to make me hurl, so I'm thinking stomach bug.  Uprising... get it?  See what I did?  Clever, I know {and disgusting, sorry}.

Hope you all have a wonderful, non-puking day! 



S. Brook Bell said...

no fun girl!!! so sorry! On a happy note, your music makes me happy!!! Love scary movies too (but jer won't even watch the previews)

Anonymous said...

poor Kristin...never fun having the stomach bug and especially when you have children to tak care of...Hope Scott took over that job and I hope you're feeling better...Margie

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