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Sunday, November 14, 2010

HGTV makes it all look so easy... {A eulogy for my pants}

Typically, it's AFTER I start a project that would take a HGTV show host 30 minutes to complete, that I remember they have the gift of editing, teams of people helping, more bankroll, and of course EXPERIENCE.  But it just looks SO easy on TV.  And I think... I wanna do that!  Luckily, there's also that Renovation Realities {HILARIOUS} show that {usually} keeps me semi grounded.

However, after living here, in this house, for 3 years, I've decided it's time to stop talking about it and actually start renovating our kitchen.  We aren't sinking a ton of money into it {think super cheap} but we're going to do enough that it's livable and SELLABLE so we can hopefully move in the next year. 

Project #1

Kitchen cabinets.  They're gross.  Hung badly.  Ugly.  My husband did a HORRIBLE job painting them when he moved in.  HUGE drip marks and spotty coverage.  Terrible.  He also removed all the hardware.  Which wouldn't be so bad if there were big holes where the hardware used to be. 

So, we bought new hinges and new hardware yesterday.  I started pulling down cabinet doors.  I'm going to sand down everything so we can just start fresh. 

So, Scott bought a belt sander this morning because the little sander I was using just wasn't cutting it. Have you ever used a belt sander.  Holy Cow!  I thought it was going to carry me away the first time I turned it on.  Anyway, I'm sanding on our back porch, right there on the ground because that's easiest for me.  Scott told me to A) make sure I had something {my foot} holding down the door and B) to start the sander before I put it down.  I listened.  I did exactly what I was told.  However, my foot being on the door means my knee is bent and in the air and at one point, when I started the sander {before it touched the door, like I was told}, my knee was a bit too close to the sander, I suppose.  Instantly, my fleecey yoga pants are sucked into the sander.  Damn!  I screamed.. because... I'm a girl.  It's what we do.  But no one came.  I tried to free myself to no avail.  The sander was heavy.  I couldn't wear it inside.  I did what I had to.  I depants and ran inside.  Probably too much info to tell you I was going commando, so I won't mention it.  :/

Luckily, Scott was there to laugh and take pictures of the pants-eating sander while it lay digesting my old navy favs.  :(

Scott now thinks I'm a moron, but seriously... how could I have known that would happen?!  Rogue sander exfoliating my face off?  Yes that crossed my mind.  Deviant sander sucking my pants off?  Nope.  Took me by surprise.  THAT never happens on HGTV. 

Now as a pallet cleaser, here's some pictures from Trenton's "Love in any Language" program at school {about different cultures} and fun weekend pics.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is just soooo funny and I was laughing my head off....Sorry about the pants but I'm just thinking of you running in the house after the "incident"...I can't blame Scott for laughing...hysterical..i'm really glad you didn't get hurt though....Margie

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