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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scattershooting a bit early...

I have a new laptop.  An awesomely early birthday present.  So now every working computer in our house is mine.  And were birthday presents. 

Tomorrow is potluck Thanksgiving at work.  I'm bringing Greenbean Cassarole.  It's gonna be goooooood. 

I won Bunco tonight.  FOUR buncos.  Krista tried to beat me.  But I didn't let her.  I don't care if she's having a baby in, like, 5 minutes, lol..  Actually, she won high score... so she got a prize, too.  Soooo... yay!

I find Russell Brand oddly attractive.  I bet he's manic depressive.  Those 2 things are unrelated.

Carter can count to 10.  He gets VERY excited about the nuber 10.  We cheer.  He likes to say number 8 in spanish.  But only number 8.

I can't decide if I like Gone Baby Gone or Gran Torino better.

I am constantly amazed at how good a kid Trenton is.  Spending time with other people's kids sometimes evokes a sense of gratefulness and appreciation in me.  He really is a GREAT kid and awesome person. 

I am SO excited to decorate for Christmas.  I may be more excited about post Christmas shopping sales.
The End



Anonymous said...

I wish my girls were little again so that I could enjoy all of those beautiful things they learn ...it's so wonderful to see all of the progress our little people make..
My vote is for Gran Torino...absolutley love that movie and one of these days I'm going to buy it...Gone Baby Gone was really good but I loved the progression of Gran Torino and the human values that Clint Eastwood finally had by learning about people of other cultures and beginningg to care about them...have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Kristin...Margie

KRiSTiN said...

I love the is what's "right" always what's right aspect of Gona Baby Gone. But Gran Torino is absolute greatness. It's so hard to decide.

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