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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Sharing

First of all, THANK YOU Julie and Holt and Tristan for sending Carter one of his new favorite toys for his birthday.  We missed you at the party, but it was fun to get a package in the mail!!  :)  It's a 3 car racing ramp.  Carter LOVES it.  He plays with it every day.  Sometimes he lets someone play with him.  Sometimes he doesn't, lol.

This part is the totally time-killer post.  I'm waiting on Carter to wake up from his nap so we can go to Michaels for hot glue gun supplies.  Then I'm going to sit down and edit the "Part 1" of the Engagement Pictures I took of Sarah and Preston this morning.  I'm pretty excited to see them.  More on that later.  :)

I wanted to recommend my brand new favorite salon.  OH.MY.GAWD.  LOVE it.  I'm not a fancy girl.  I get my hair cut by the school in plano by hair students or at the place up the road that's... um... not a salon.  Because salons are EXPENSIVE.  And it's just hair.  However, my hair's been looking REALLY bad lately, so I thought I needed to bite the bullet and get it revamped.  For the holidays.  Or more as a "Me Moment".  So I researched and I ran across several reviews of a place called Salon Pompeo

What caught my eye was a women's cut for $45.  45?!  Yes, please!  These things can run from $80 - $120 EASILY!  Somtimes much more.  So I made an appointment.  I showed up thinking it would be... I dunno.  More than Supercuts, but not fabulous.  I was wrong.  It was very Dallas.  Lofty Warehouse with super modern and elegant touches.  But the process surprised me.  For $45, I was expecting a spritz of water, a cut, and to leave with wet hair.  I was soooo wrong.  I got the ubber awesome wash with flat screens on the ceiling so I could be entertained whilst being pampers.  I got a GREAT cut with a girl who genuinely knew what she was doing {Jessica, if you're wondering}.  And I got a blow dry and style {she even asked how I like my hair dried... I didn't even know how to answer.  She said, "How about lots of body?"  I said, "Cool"}.  I was there being doted on, for over an hour.  All for $45.  I tipped generously at near 50%, but still.  FANTASTIC deal.   I highly recommend it if you're looking for a high quality cut without the sassy price tag.  I went to the one on Mockingbird Lane, but they have one on McKinney Ave in "real" Dallas, too.  :)

I don't have a picture of the front, because I didn't feel like putting on makeup to take a picture of my hair.  But here the side.  This is without being curled.  just blow dried.  It's just cut to have so much body.  And she fixed my bangs so they're swoopy!

THEN, last night Carter was being... Carter.  He told me he had to poo poo.  Then he showed me from where, lol.  Anyway, I asked if he wanted to sit on his potty.  He told me "NO!" then showed me he wanted to sit on the big potty.  Soooo, he did.  He sat there.... and sat there and sat there and sat there.  Until FINALLY.... he tooted.  Then he wanted down.  ::Snicker::



Sarah said...

Preston and I had a wonderful time with you and the homeless folk of downtown. And if we have to make it Part 1.5, then we will.

It's all good, PLUS...it gives me time to lose more weight!

KRiSTiN said...

I had fun, too. And it looks like we get to do it again. ::Deep Sigh:: I don't even have it in me to blog about what happened yet. It still upsets me. :/

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