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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Nothing as sweet as a child's laughter... unless it happens in the middle of the night...

I watched Paranormal Activity 2 last week. I’ve also been watching a LOT of haunting/ghost/paranormal themed tv shows because they were plentiful ‘round abouts Halloween.  All that jazz is still fresh in my brain mush. 

Having some trouble sleeping because Carter was coughing {allergies} and I had a headache, I lay in bed last night watching… I don’t even know. Haunted, I think, which is on animal planet, but a pretty decent show. I fell into a light sleep around midnight. I woke up at 12:20 am for reasons unknown. I do this occasionally throughout the night, however, last night I woke “all the way” up. Which is semi unusual. I lay there for a few minutes and suddenly my heart jumped into my throat. Carter had yelled out and broken the silence I’d been drifting in. I looked at the video monitor and he sat up and said, clear as day, “Hi. Whatter u doing?”. ::Pause:: Then he laughed. He can't see me and very obviously wasn't talking to ME.  I was watching this in creepy, green night vision and I got CHILLS. It was SOOOO creepy. 

He continued to have a conversation with the supposed darkness. I was so freaked out that I went into his room. He looked at me and all conversation stopped. I held and kissed him, laid him back down, and left the room.  Just to prove to whatever ghost was there that I was watching, lol.

I watched the monitor for a long time after that. Carter didn’t talk much after that. He coughed some. But I couldn’t sleep. Perhaps all the insanity of my beloved Horror movies/shows infected me with fear. I dunno. But I couldn’t sleep. Every noise, explainable or not, jolted me violently awake.

I heard a bag rustle at one point {around 4am}. I didn’t think much of it… until I remember one was on the floor right next to my bed. “Bah!” I thought. “Just the fan blowing it.” I looked anyway. Peering over the side of the bed, I STARED at the bag, WILLING it to move via fan assistance. It didn’t move again. At all. THEN I remembered Paranormal Activity 1. Where the demon stands next to the bed. I didn’t even really try to sleep again until I saw the beginnings of sunlight through the windows at 6am. I dozed until 7am, which is when I get up for the day.


I’m also a little impressed by my imagination’s ability to so quickly seize and conquer my internal logic and reason.



Sarah said...

at least you didn't name Carter Hunter!! I would never come to your house again now.

(can't wait until Dec!)

Anonymous said...

Well, that was an interesting blog.....maybe Carter was still half asleep and still in the middle of a dream...
I don't do well with scary movies but I did watch one that was really good, called the Changeling...not the new one with Angelina Jolie but an old one with George C. Scott...it was about ghosts and I thought it was really good...check it out sometime...ta,ta and happy birthday to your little Carter..your boys are definitely cuties !!! Happy weekend, Kristin...margie

Leigh Gable said...


KRiSTiN said...

Me neither, Gibs!

MM, I don't know. I hope he was dreaming. It didn't SEEM that way when I picked him up.. but I hope that's the case. It freaked me out for SURE! Lol.

Leigh, it was SOOO creepy. I was genuinely scared, which seems so dumb, but it is what it is. lol.

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