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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Christmas Eve and Christmas were pretty uneventful.  Like I mentioned before, Trenton was gone.  Per my custody arrangement with Trenton's father, even #'d years, he has him the week before and through Christmas and I have him Thanksgiving and Easter.  So since her wasn't here and Carter's too young to have many Christmas demands, we didn't do much.

We just hung out at the house on Christmas Eve and enjoyed the day off.  We took a nap when Carter did and enjoyed the rainy day sleepiness.  Really relaxing day.  Christmas Day we let Carter open his stocking {Santa had, of course, come and left wrapped gifts for T and C} then we watched some Christmas TV and waited for Nana and Popaw to come over. 

We planned on going to lunch.  The word "planned" is key in that previous sentence.  Carter was wheezing and coughing and hacking up something awful.  He did breathing treatments all day.  But as we walked out the door and Daddy was putting him in his carseat, he got physically sick and we decided that staying home and ordering takeout from TGI Fridays was just as good.  So with some minor drama on the part of Friday's, we watched the Christmas Day parade I'd tivoed and ate Christmas lunch out of styrafoam containers, lol.  After a nap, Carter was feeling better and played the Scentsy game with Nana.

A friend of mine brought me ALL her samples to pick my purchase.  She doesn't do parties... which is good because I hate those kinds of parties.  Anyhoo, so I have a canvas bag with a bagillion little samples in it and he sat with Nana and smelled every single one MULTIPLE times.  Then he judged each one.  "Yucky" or "EEEEWWWW!" or "Yummy" or "Is Good".  So funny.  BTW, anyone who wants to smell and order some Scentsy greatness in the next few days is welcome to come over, lol. 

Trenton came home last night and my entire soul felt relieved.  It's always so nice when he's back.  It's so unsettling when he isn't here. 

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