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Friday, December 17, 2010

Gimme Some Sugga!

Thanks to an Ad Pages Coupon, last night we were able to go on a chauffeured 1 ½ hour Christmas Light Tour with some friends of ours. We did this alone {the looking at lights}, but one person always has to drive and maneuver the streets and it’s never really FUN for all of us. So this was PERFECT.

Scott, Trenton, Carter and I loaded up at 6 with Dave, Jen and their daughter Mia. It was a shuttle bus that was warm, had soft leather seats, and Christmas music playing loudly.. but not deafening. Jen and I sat with the kids in the very back row which spanned 5 seats across. Scott and Dave chose to seat themselves together in a row in front of us which sat 2 on each side. Trenton and Mia didn’t see any Christmas Lights, I don’t think. Trenton set about charming her and they spent the hour and a half talking and creating colors on Scott’s iphone {with Dave's close fatherly eye on them both}. Carter spent the hour and a half finding new ways to make me sweat. Jumping on my legs, trying to climb the seat to get to Dave and Daddy, demanding his blanket {his coat} then throwing it on the floor, squealing, trying to lick the window, yelling at the Christmas Lights, poking me in the eye, “singing”, etc. I should probably mention that we got 7 bags of cookies with our shuttle dispensed goody bags. The kids went through all 7. Carter went INSANE with sugar rush fever. Holy cow. But, he DID look at the lights… so at least there’s that.

I was passed out by 9:30. And I really struggled to stay up that late.
Next year… NO COOKIES. Or he sits with Daddy.

I still had a good time.  And Carter being WAY overly excited was pretty amusing.

Tonight Scott’s going to some degenerate gathering of horn dogs and booze, so I am going to watch Frosty and drink chocolate milk with Christmas marshmallows with my little men. Trenton is leaving Sunday to spend the next week through Christmas with his dad. ::Sigh:: Everything just feels wrong when he’s gone. :^(


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Anonymous said...

I just love the way you bring things to life when you write about them....Sounds like it was fun and that Carter was entertaining. hugs, Margie

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