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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sometimes the painful truth sucker punches while you're enjoying waffle fries

At lunch sometimes I just go somewhere and read.  Because, I REALLY like to just leave the office and not deal with... anything.  Today I got to do that.  While reading my book of the moment, I read a passage from the point of view of a mother of grown children.  In the passage, she mentioned that her boys were "past the point of being just hers".  I had to stop reading.  I burst into tears right there. 

One day my little boys won't be "just mine" anymore.  I'll have to share them with girlfriends, wives, and families.  I wanted to RUSH to them both and take them home, locking them in forever.  It broke my heart.  I realize it's selfish, but my boys are amazing.  I don't want to share.  :( 


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Anonymous said...

Since I was away in Texas for 5 days and just got settled back home, I needed to catch up on your blog. Just sending a hello and letting you know that I'm always checking this out...Take care Kristin and I wish a wonderful Christmas for you and your family...hugs, Margie

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