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Monday, December 13, 2010

I RE-took some picture of one of my good friends, Gibs, on Saturday.  We'd taken pictures once before... however then some delightful person in an Asian made car ran me off the road and in my effort NOT to slam into a tree {I had my 2 year-old in the car} I slammed on the brakes with such force, that my camera, which was resting in the passenger seat, had a violent run in with the dash of my car. 

I had to have the imaging system replaced.  HUGE deal for me.  I cried over this incident.  A lot.  Multiple times.  That particular SD became damaged and unreadable, as well, so my friends pictures were lost forever.  ::Deep Sigh::  So much to her fiances delight {snicker} we got to redo our photoshoot. 

Since we'd done it once before, it went by pretty smoothly, I'd say.  It was fun.  For me.  And for Sarah.  I think Preston would have rather been doing... um... ANYTHING else, but he was SUCH a good sport and didn't even complain!!  Pretty impressive.  :^)

We walked aroung the West End looking for photo opportunities.  It was awesomely pretty desserted and we were blessed with cloud cover AGAIN {which is PERFECT for photoshoots - no squinting or harsh shadows}!

I got some super cute pictures of them which I'm working on editing for the time being.  I won't show you yet, because they're her pictures and she should get to share the ones SHE favors first.  I only shared the one in this blog because it's one of my favorites.  It's funkified and cute.  Casual but lovey.  I just really like it.  Mainly because I know they were talking and laughing and this was a REAL cute moment.  Not a forced one.  Those are the best. 

We ate lunch at a place whose name I've already forgotten, but it was yummy.  Thanks for lunch S & P!
THEN, Preston went camping with his man friends and Sarah and I did our thing.  The same thing we typically do.  We watch movies of the horror genre.  B movies.  Gloriously bad movies.  Most of these had a Christmas theme somewhere because.. it's December.  Our most fabulous surprise of the night?  Corey Feldman staring in Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys.  No, we were unaware that he was the star until we saw it.  There aren't any words to describe that movie.  It was ripe with hilarious quotes made even more awesome by his constantly oveexpressive eyebrow movement.  

There were others... but that was the worst.  By far.  In fact, my entire movie rating scale has been altered.  It was great.   


1 comment:

Sarah said...

I just saw this blog!!! Ahhh! I love that picture, it was one of our favorites. Actually given it framed to some family memebers for christmas.

We had such a wonderful time! Thank you agian, I can't thank you enough for taking those for us. Even if we did do it twice.

I "look forward to the opportunity" again. Said with the best Corey Feldman face. Long live Demonic Toys vs. Puppet Master. Whatever that means.

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