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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Humbug Bulls#!*

Minor irritants.  How they IRK me.   

We all love facebook, don't we?  Instantly viewing pictures and updates.  Knowing what's going on with everyone you know via their status.  Being 100% in the know with all your friends.  Sometimes knowing too much... but whatever.  I like it. 

What I DON'T like {can't friggin' stand} is the mopey, pathetic, lonely person who's status update is always something about how life sucks and how they're miserable... until they met someone.  Then, magically, they're in love and everything is wonderful and perfect.  They refer to the OTHER person's children as their own and post every sickening pet name they have for their (I have to assume equally pathetic) new love. 

It's RETARDED.  Grow up.  See a therapist.  That's a whole lot of pressure to put on someone.  They are the ONLY thing that makes you happy and quenches your neediness?  Scary.  Um... HIDE!  That's both advice and what I did to them on FB. 

I hate unrealistic, gross, icky, falsetto "love".  In 2 weeks, I predict depressing, love-of-my-life heartbreak posts.  ::Sigh:: 

I don't think I could have taken another, "love spending time with my one and only love and our kids" post from someone who's been in a relationship for 2.5 weeks.  That's stupid.  It doesn't seem fair to the kids, in my opinion.  They don't need a here today, gone tomorrow kind of family.  And in my experience, these people who fall in love that easily... fall out of it just as quickly.  Probably because they love being depressed.  Emo goobs or artists/musicians.  Those people LOVE being depressed.  Some deluted notion that depression fuels creativity.  Which is horse radish because anyone who's truly talented can be that way about good stuff, too. 

Rant for the day over.

Happy Hump Day.



Sarah said...

I totally agree with you! Preston and will read to each other the pathetic status people leave. Oh' they are so strange and TMI.

KRiSTiN said...

The CONSTANT gooiness ooges me out. I know a male that referes to his BRAND NEW girlfriend as his "fairytale". Not in a sweet way. In a 9 times a day retarded way. I know for a fact he was single a few weeks ago. And now he's refering to HER kids as their kids? It just... bothers me.

An occasionaly gooey update is sweet. But all the damn time is creepy and silly.

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