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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shopping, Giant Mice, and Singing! Oh MY!

  My vacation has broken down as such, thus far:

Monday:  After Christmas shopping with Julie.  I ALWAYS go to Garden Ridge after Christmas and hit their post holiday sale.  Usually I go the day after Christmas and score some AWESOME stuff.  This year, I met Jules the day after the day after Christmas.  That place was cleared OUT, lol.  I DID get a super cute Santa and some really pretty candles for my Christmas center piece next year.  Later, by myself, I hit up Walmart and scored some SUPER cheap ornaments, prelit wreaths, and a Christmas tree just for the boys next year.  Other than that, the boys and I went out to lunch {Subway} and went to get ice cream afterward at Sonic. 

Tuesday:  We went to Chuck E. Cheese!  You know, it wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be.  Trenton had a fabulous time, as always, but Carter really got into playing the games for the first time, too.  He LOVED all the flashing lights and noise.  He especially loved putting the token in the machine and then tearing the tokens that he won off.  Between the 2 of them, they racked up over 1,000 tickets in a little over 2 hours.  Which says a lot because Trenton spends lots of time on the video games that don't GIVE tickets.  Both boys left with some age appropriate prizes they loved. 

Wednesday:  2 words.  Karaoke Cab.  Yes.  I met my soon to be married friend along with some other fine ladies in Dallas for some traveling music.  It was AWESOME!  Ice, Ice, Baby - Total Eclipse of the Heart - Before He Cheats - Opps I Did it Again - I Saw the Sign - Boheimian Rhapsody - Teenage Dirtbag - Poker Face - And Many More!  Hehehe!  It was hilarious and SOOOO much fun.  We dressed and did our makeup in rockstar fashion.  It was an EVENT.  Wine was flowing and so were the off key notes {mostly from me}.  C and A could actually sing.  Sarah and I rounded that off nicely with our in ability to carry a tune.  Which is pretty funny since it was Sarah and I who were so psyched about the whole thing from the get go, lol.

If your wondering, it's Karaoke Yellow Cab

After our adventure, we went up to the Elbow Room and had a few beers.  Then, we left Preston {Gib's fiance who had already been at the Elbow Room before we showed up}  and we drove over to Metro Diner for YUMMY burgers and tater tots.  Toward the end of our meal, we looked up and out the window to see a very cold looking {no jacket} Preston RUNNING up to the diner.  Hahahaha!  He seemed pretty happy to see us seeing as he didn't have a ride home {his friend/ride left the bar an hour or so before we did}.   We got back to Gibs place and Corey and I went home... it wasn't even 11:00!!!!  I felt soooooo old.  But my bed was calling me.  I was completely worn out.

Tonight, we're dining at the Magic Time Machine for Family Date Night.  The boys LOVE it and I'll admit, I do too.  :)  Can't wait. 

OH, I also got my Christmas present from my husband.  A pretty pink ipod!  I love it!  I got an ipod when they FIRST came out.  The one I had I hadn't used in a VERY long time.  So hurray!  With the kindle and the ipod, I had a very digitally entertaining holiday!  :)  Now... time to enjoy the rest of my rapidly nearing it's end vacation. 

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