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Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year ~ New Scattershoot

I like "How I Met Your Mother".  I just discovered it.  Hi-lar-i-ous!

I have a brand new laptop, ipod, and kindle.  I'm feeling pretty digital. 

Kirklands is awesome.  I love it.  More than Garden Ridge, I think.

I'm getting laser hair removal this week thanks to a few awesome Groupons.  I saved about $2,000.  I'm going to be as smooth as a dolphin... no more shaving!  Woooooo hooooo!

Diet Dr. Pepper is my crack.  I NEED it. 

I am SO excited to go to Vegas in February.  A wedding and a semi celebration for my 30th birthday. 

I hate books where the author curses badly and seemingly just for the sake of doing so.  Borderline not using the words right weird.  Just don't curse.  It's not relevant to the story.

Puzzles are fun.

Cheese biscuits from Red Lobster?  Best.Thing.Ever.

I still miss LOST. 

Happy New Year  :)


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