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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Last Day of the First Decade of the Millenium

New Years Eve.  Super low key.  We hung out at the house.  We were originally going to go to a family friendly party at the Nance's in Anna, but I wasn't feeling 100% and Scott was... grumpy.  For the first half of the day, anyway. 

See, he's lost some weight recently and that's made his wedding band a wee bit loose.  So while he was in the shower NYE morning, it shot off his hand... and down the drain.  He ALWAYS wears his ring.  He seemed pretty bummed about it.  Anyway, he spent the better part of the rest of the morning in the attic/wall messing with pipes and fishing in them with a coat hanger.  Impressively enough, he GOT it.  I had resigned myself to having to buy him a new one.  I think he at least deserves to have it polished now... and SIZED.


I went to the store and bought a bunch of... snacks.  Food you'd eat at parties... kinda.  Toddler appropriate snack food.  It seemed like fun to have snacky/party food for dinner.  I prepped {nutritiously terrible} food while the boys played outside with Carter's new bubble machine.  Scott and Trenton kicked the soccer ball around and I snuck out occasionally to kick a ball or snap a picture.  

After dinner/snack time, we headed to the playroom and had an Avatar: the Last Airbender marathon.  I'm not ashamed to admit... I enjoy that cartoon.  Anyway, Scott napped on and off and the boys and I played and watched our marathon.  At 15 'til, we switched to the NYE Dallas show and gathered in the kitchen with our glasses of sparkling apple juice.  We counted down and toasted the new year, Carter with cookie ALL OVER HIS FACE and Trenton feeling like a big boy with his "fancy glass".  Ummm, we used wine glasses since apparently my champagne flutes that were an engagement gift broke at some point.  :(  But it was still fun. 

Happy New Year! 


1 comment:

Leigh Gable said...

Love it! That sounds like such a sweet family celebration! :) Happy New Year!!

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