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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Thank you, South America!

I say Brazilian and what do you think? Soccer? Nuts? The hair blowout?  Booty implants?

This MIGHT be a TMI post.  :)  I certainly have no qualms sharing... but you may not be thrilled about reading it. 
I had a cultural experience of the Brazilian nature yesterday, but it didn’t involve sitting on my big perky butt, eating nuts and watching soccer.

Groupon… best thing ever. I’ve gotten the emails for longer than I can remember. I purchase some things here and there. $10 for $25 worth of food at Tin Star then my coworker gives me $5 and we both have a glorious lunch {Tin Star is within walking distance from work} for $5! Things of that nature. Imagine my delight when the Laser Hair Removal Groupon from Laser Beauty Medical Spa came out. I DESPISE shaving/waxing. And I’ve wanted to zap myself for a long time. But it’s SO expensive. But with that offer, I paid $139 for 6 treatments of 3 areas. WOW! That would normally cost more than $2,400. I bought it in a heartbeat!

However, the angst soon set in. I’ve heard stories of pain and redness and swelling. Since one of the areas I wanted done was on my FACE, that didn’t sit right with me. I was scared. I don’t do pain well. And I’d been to my new family practice doctor who pretty much immediately prescribed my daily anti-anxiety meds AND xanex for my particularly stressful days, lol. So, like I said, I was feeling… anxious.  I got online and read the reviews of LBMS, which made me feel better, but I was still uneasy.

My areas of choice were my upper lip, underarms, and bikini line. Upon walking in and stripping down in prep for my selective balding. I was flushed and my heart was racing. But the assistant was SO sweet and super nice. She told me exactly what to expect. Quick and minimal pain and a super fast procedure.

In walked the technician. We chit chatted. She made me laugh. I calmed down quite a bit. She explained how the machine worked. Told me again what to expect. I put on my goggles and… nothing. I mean, nothing like I expected.

It felt like… quick heat. A spilt second of heat, then nothing. Not the searing pain I’d been told to expect by friends. No gels, no mess, just the smell of burnt hair. Apparently, the mist that sprays a split second before the laser kills the follicle, cools follicle and nerves. Thus, no pain. It’s more of an annoying feeling. But I think even that overstates it. So, while the original plan was simply my bikini line, I went full Brazilian {you’re gonna have to google that if you’re unaware of the definition} while on the table. It was interesting. Not awkward though, surprisingly. In my most… delicate… areas, I had a few squint-my-eyes-in-discomfort moments, but if you’ve ever had a wax {bikini, eyebrows, etc.}, this isn’t even a quarter of that pain.

When it was done, they told me I might have some redness or swelling, and it might feel like those area have a mild sunburn. None of that happened. No redness. No swelling, NO DISCOMFORT. Not even on my choo-choo {which is what the technician call it, lol}. I walked out of there without no pain. And the results are immediate!

So that’s my cultural experience of the week. Of course, I still have 5 more sessions for those 3 areas {again for $139!!! Great deal!}, but I’m not dreading it anymore. I can’t wait to be hair free.

Bottom line, if you want Laser Hair Removal, this is the place to do it.  I have heard HORROR stories about other places/lasers.  This one is AWESOME.  I don't have a high threshold for pain, either.  Do a consult.  Test it out.  I've already recommended it to some of my friends with shameful tales of crying and pain. 

So much happened yesterday. A water pipe burst and we had no water in the morning.  I was rear-ended on the way to work. Caused me a MUCHO headache and immediate neck pain. Then I had to work half a day then spend the rest of the day doctor hopping. I got home and just wanted to pass out from exhaustion. But I have new drugs that will hopefully help me feel like a semi-normal human again. I have a new doctor that I really like. And now I have xanex for the plane ride for our February Vegas trip.  I feel like I can be excited now.  :)

Anyway, I'm glad yesterday's over.  It was cram packed with craziness.  Today I'm sore and tired, but I'm having mooyah for lunch, so it's not that bad.  :)



Anonymous said...

I just love reading what you've been up to and as always nothing held back....Glad that the procedure went so well and you're glad about it.
sorry about the fender bender, though...take care and keep blogging...love it...Margie

The Barbers said...

ok, are we twins or something? I am about to go in for round 3...so let me explain something. Round 1 - ZERO pain...but they have to up the zap each time..Round 2 - SUCKED. Just so you know... it's quick and you get over it but it took everything in me not to punch my lovely Septa. Ask CSO...she goes with me each time. not looking forward to round 3 next week but my legs, underarms and lip are FANTASTIC and pretty much hairless! pain or no pain - TOTALLY worth it! Love, your (less) hairy Italian friend!

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