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Friday, January 07, 2011

"Crazy people don't think they're going crazy. They think they're getting saner." - Locke

A LONG time ago, when myspace was awesome and that's where I blogged, all my blogs titles were quotes from my very favorite, and greatly missed show LOST.  I'm revisiting that.  Because it makes ME happy.  And it's my blog.  And I can do what I want.  ;)

Shout out to Gibs who's getting lasik right about NOW (10:01 am). 

The first week of work after an extended vacation is always SOOOO long. Today {Friday} took FOREVER to get here. This week has been very “trying”. I’m still sore from the person who hit me Tuesday morning. But luckily it’s getting gradually better. The headache I had for 2 days is gone.
This week I got a ton of “stuff” done. The afore blogged about laser hair removal (BEST thing ever) and a series of doctor’s appointments.

One such appointment was with a brand new doctor for me. The boys will see Dr. Katz {their pediatrician} for several years now. But I haven’t had a general health person in…. years. The last time I went to a doctor that wasn’t an OB or Oncologist was… hmmm… I think when my mom took me in for that stomach virus I had in college…. that turned out to be a baby Trenton snuggled up in my belly. Yep. That was my last MD experience. While I {of course} love Trenton more than I could possibly describe, that was a jarring moment.

Anyway, so I decided that given my questionable medical history, I should probably start taking better care of myself. So I scheduled an appointment with a doctor I pretty much chose at random from my insurances list of in-network doctors {LOL}. I just wanted him to check my general health and talk to him a bit about my anxiety. Because I can be… wound up. We did lots of tests and chatted a bit. He drew some blood and all that jazz. I left there with 2 prescriptions for my anxiety, lol. One for a daily med and another for Xanax for my particularly stressful days. He actually prescribed the Xanax for twice a day, every day, for a month. But I’m not going to do that. I think I’ll just take it when I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed. Like, for instance, a certain plane ride I’m dreading next month. Anyway, I started my daily regimen today.

I’m pretty excited. I hope it helps take the edge off my life. I’m not one to pretend I’m perfect or that I don’t get frazzled. I think people who fake that are sad. Couples fight, people snap and yell at their kids, sometimes you cry over something that seems trivial, etc. That’s life. And some of us need help untangling ourselves from the tedious details that stress us to no end. I feel no shame in admitting that. I’d rather admit that I work myself up and could use some assistance to balance the chemicals in my brain as opposed to continuing my journey to insanity where I feel so tightly coiled that I am just looking for an excuse to snap or break into a million piece for the sake of relief.

So cheers to the thought of inner peace!  But...um... don't tell Tom Cruise or anything.  I don't think he'd approve. 



The Jemison Family said...

Your kids go to Dr. Katz?! The one in Plano right? That is where Lily goes and I really like him. I interviewed a bunch of Pedis and he was by far the best one.

KRiSTiN said...

Yes, we LOVE Dr. K. We have lots of friends who go to him. I recommend him to EVERYONE I know who's pregnant. I adore him. He's SO good with the boys.

The Barbers said...

Girl, I've been on Pristiq for a year now and I swear it's the only reason I haven't killed the other 3 guys in my life because of course, my son is nothing but a calming force in my world,I adore him!!!

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