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Monday, January 24, 2011


Today is January 24th.  Which is pretty unspectacular.  But yesterday... yesterday would have been my 7th wedding anniversary to my first husband.  And it didn't cross my mind all day.  And hasn't in years past.  Not after the first couple post divorce.  Oddly enough {or not really odd if you knew us as a couple, lol} the anniversary of my divorce being final is coming up in a few days, too.  I'll be divorced 5 years on the 30th.  Weird that the dates you think will haunt you forever get tossed by the wayside as life goes on.  I only thought about it a moment ago because I typed the date wrong on something because my fingers wanted to go in order.  1/23.  See? 1-2-3.  And then I remembered my first marriage was one January 23 of 04.  1-2-3-4.  Wasn't intentional.  Anyway, a tired typo is what it took to remember the signifigance of a date I just KNEW would be a painful day for me forever.  Lol.  It's funny.  Time is a sneaky devil. 

So anyway, back to the now, which is what matters.  Carter was a BEAR tonight.  Whining and crying and throwing tantrums over nothing.  I mean NOTHING.  I threw away a tiny piece of scrap/trash that was on the floor and he FREAKED out.  Because he wanted it apparently.  Then he SCREAMED and cried during dinner because he wanted to give me a cheeto.  I didn't know.  I was dumbfounded until he shakily held it out.  The second I took this cheeto offering, all crying stopped.  Yeah.  Illogical craziness. 

Until after dinner when we all went into the playroom.  Trenton and Carter played and giggled with the walkie talkies for awhile and I laid down on the couch and got under the blanket.  Carter jumped up next to and lay there being sweet and giggling as we talked to bubba on the walkie talkie.  THEN Trenton sat on the opposite end of the couch and Carter abandoned me for his big brother.  I swear, those 2 are so cute.  Carter ADORES his big brother.  And Trenton is SOOOO good with him.  They are best friends.  It is SO cute.  I made Scott snap a picture with his iphone of them giggling on the couch before they went to bed.  It makes my heart happy to watch them laugh with each other.


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