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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whiskered Away

A new pair of whiskers is scurrying amongst the floor clouds of Heaven today. Ben, Trenton’s hamster was found in the lower level of his cage this morning, with no signs of life. Also, he was hard as a rock. He is probably frolicking with MY sweet childhood hamster, Smokey, who still resounds in my heart as one of my favorite pets of all time. ::sad sigh:: 

Ben's constant noise and long fluffy tuffs of hair that gave him character will be missed in the Durbin household. Trenton adored him, as did his younger brother, Carter, who would repeatedly point at him and call him “kitty”. Squeals and giggles abounded from the kids whenever Ben was out of his cage and Carter, without fail, always gave him a kiss on the nose. Ben loved running in wheel, chewing on the bars of his cage, emptying his food dish in seconds, and biting my parents. Yes, Ben nibbled 2 people in his short life. Nana and Popaw. We can only assume he sensed evil and was trying to protect the family.  Thanks little guy... thanks. 

Farewell, sweet Ben. Being the human that had the most interaction with you, I will admit to feeling sad at your untimely demise. I wish you'd had a more appropriate burial.  That's Scott's fault. 

Trenton will no doubt be crushed at your sudden departure.  He loved you.  Thanks for being a super exciting birthday present and lovable pet for my oldest reason for living. 

Please tell Smokey I said hi.

Rest in Peace



Anonymous said...

Awww, sorry about Ben....cute little guy..
Will there be another hamster in the near future??? Margie

KRiSTiN said...

Not sure yet. I'm not opposed to it, but we'll see what Trenton wants to do. I'd rather get a puppy. ;)

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