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Sunday, January 16, 2011


According to my blog dashboard, this is my 500th post.  Yay me! 

Anyhoo, so we told Trenton about Ben, the previously blogged about hamster.  He was crushed.  He burst into tears at the dinner table and on and off again for the next few days.  Poor thing.  And there's nothing I can really do or say to make him feel better.  ::Sigh::  I probably did a less than stellar job of giving him the news but I was just... at a loss for what to say.  We talked about how Ben was with Jesus and we talked all our favorite things about him.  But other than letting him talk, I guess I just have to let him work through it. 

I don't know about a new pet yet.  New hamster, maybe guinea pig... perhaps.  It's up in the air.  Future blogs will tell, I'm sure.

Other than that, the last week I've been icky sick.  Just felt like crap.  Still do, actually, to a lesser degree.  But that's not interesting or anything that you want or need details on, so I'll move on.

Friday I went out to Uptown Dallas to help with my awesome friends Preston & Sarah's wedding shower thrown by my previous employer (who is still their employer and where I met Sarah aka Gibs).  They're getting married in.. like... a minute in Vegas.  It's gonna be legen.. wait for it... dary.  Was it slightly awkward to be in that place... um, yes.  But there were still lots of faces I knew and I had fun catching up with most people.  Of course there's the bitch (every office has one) that I overhear wanting to know "what she's doing here" but on the whole, really fun to be a part of.  I'm glad the invitation to help was extended.  And props to our other friend Corey who did a TON of behind the scenes work without demanding credit.  She seriously stepped up.  I was impressed.  Sarah is super lucky to have Meow as a friend... also me because my awesomeness is undeniable.  ::snicker::

Friday was also Scott's birthday.  So Saturday I hosted a Game Night Birthday Party.  12 people.  No gifts, but everyone brought a gift card and we played games.  We drew the game we were going to play out of a cup (to avoid people arguing/complaining about what game to play next) and the winner got to draw a giftcard out of the jar then draw the next game.  It was SO fun.  We played Last Word - What's Yours like - Tic Tac Toe Toss - Scattegories - Wits and Wagers - Apples to Apples - Then had a sit and go poker tournament for the remainder of the gift cards.  I won Scattegories, Apples to Apples and one of the Poker GC's (we chopped the pot when we got down to the last 3 people).  I think everyone had a GREAT time.  Sarah and Preston spent the night since they live in Dallas and that's a ways to drive at 3:30 in the morning when you've been drinking since 6:00 pm.  But yeah, Scott and I got in bed a little after 3:30 AM.  I felt so old. 

And I didn't take ANY pictures.  WTH?!  I was having too much fun, I guess.  I never even thought about it.  And Tic Tac Toe Toss was hilarious.  Literally standing 10 feet away trying to make 3 across on a childrens game.  We played tourny style with teams.  Pretty great. 

I have tonight to myself.  No work tomorrow as it's MLK day and the office is closed.  Tonight everyone's in bed and Trenton's with his dad.  I think I'm going to curl up and watch as many bad horror flicks as I can before I pass out.  Wish me luck (and SWEET dreams instead of nightmares, lol).



Sarah said...

This weekend was so fun! and exhausting. Thank you for all you did with the Shower on Friday, we had a great time. And then Saturday....wow! What a great time there too. I laughed so hard. Annnnnd, thank you for letting us crash at your place. We were not going to drive that far, that late, and after having drinks. THANK YOU! (40 days btw....4-D days)

Margie said...

Nice to have you back in blogging mode, Kristin.
So sorry that Trenton is so sad about his pet but that's how they can learn about real life. Poor little guy.
Hope you're enjoying your day off and time with your boys. I'll bet that Julie is bummed because she has to work today. I know she also felt badly that she couldn't spend some time with all of you at the shower. Being summoned has to take priority, sadly...margie

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