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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

1 - 2 - 3... Happy as can be!

Not to question how much God loves any of you who may be reading this, but I'm pretty sure I'm God's favorite and this whole winter storm thing is a gift specifically for me. 

Carter had the flu this weekend.  However, he did get his flu shot so it was relatively short lived.  But he had it just long enough to give it to me.  My subpar medical history has left my immune system with the battle strength of a one legged old man with a fish instead of a sword.  I basically catch everything I'm exposed to.  Maybe one day my old man immune system will rally, but maybe not.  Doctors can't really tell me.

ANYway, so I hit the ick wall Monday afternoon.  I struggled through the end of the work day, went to Target and Walmart to get gloves for the boys for the unprdictable weather and came home.  By the time I got my jammies on, my fever was 103+ and I went to bed. 

Vegas is coming up and I just took a couple of days off, so I didn't want to spend anymore of my time off for sickness.  I only get 18 days for the year and my parents want to take a cruise later this year, too.  God obviously took pity on me and gave me the last few days off to rest and recover.  Today I felt MUCH better and my fever is all but gone.  And the office I work in had to close so they were paid days off that weren't docked from my vacation time.  AND PISD is closed tomorrow, too, so I'll be able to REALLY enjoy it. 

Not to mention, we have experienced NO blackouts like everyone else.  Scott came home from work early because the power wouldn't stay on there, but 3 blocks over, at our house, not one black out.  I can't imagine how awful that is for you guys.  It's friggin' cold!  I am insanely grateful we haven't had to deal with that.  Apparently, our carrier (Green something or another) uses mostly wind for energy so we're thinking that's why we weren't affected. 

We spent the day by the fire, sipping hot coco, the boys built cool forts with blankets and the space under the stairs, we watched Despicable Me, and Scott and I read by the fire while the boys tired themselves out in the playroom.  I get how people without kids could go stir crazy, but I love this.  Forts, drawing, playing games, watching animated movies, reading, laughing, eating ice cream (yeah, we totally ate ice cream).... I LOVE it. 

This has been an absolute blessing for me.

I could get used to this work schedule for sure, lol.


1 comment:

Jules said...

I vote for a 3 day work week - I promise to be RIDICULOUSLY productive and not read people's blogs in the office!!!

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