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Friday, February 04, 2011

Art Show... we're all going to an Art Show....

Off again Friday. That means my superbowl weekend is 7 days long. Wow. That means I've had more time off for ice than I will for the Vegas trip we're taking later this month. Craziness.

Speaking of crazy... by 9am this morning I'd used the phrase, "Don't throw swords at your brother" three times. Trenton had been in the corner once already and Carter had nearly joined him for HASSELING his brother while in the corner {Sooo funny even though I couldn't laugh.  Carter told him to get in the corner and BE-HAVE!}  There was some screaming for no reason {Literally, no reason. Not happy or mad. Just... screaming} and some bickering over God only knows what between my boys, so inspired by a Yo Gabba Gabba song I find myself frequently humming at work, I decided it was a great day for an Art Show.

We did coloring, paintings, scultures from play-doh, glow-in-the dark art, and even made an Alien Exhibit with Trenton's martian maker. Both boys LOVED being crafty most of the day and it took their minds off being couped up in the house.

After all projects were finished {or attention spans waned}, I took all the deco stuff off the walls in the dining room and cleared off the buffet for proper art displaying. We hung the glow-in-the-dark are up in the bathroom so it could be viewed easily in the dark.

We made Scott a ticket, since he was at work. We taped it to the outside door so that as soon as he walked into the house, Trenton could collect his ticket and we could begin our gallery showing. It was really cute. Trenton was really proud. Carter stabbed us with strafoam swords {seriously, the dang swords again} while we perused manifested creativity.

The boys thought it was neat to sit in the bathroom in the dark, so we did that several times for longer than I'd have liked, but whatever. It was fun. And exhausting. Carter's in a throw-stuff-on-the-ground phase again, so I'm pretty sure I picked up 4,987,584 crayons today. But it's oooooo-kay. {*Note, I've had a xanax and a glass of wine now, so it doesn't seem as maddening now as it did when my left eye was twitching this afternoon}.

Now... what to do on Friday....


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