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Friday, February 04, 2011

Obligtory Snow Blog

I will say that the snow is awesome.  So loose and fluffy.  That being said, it's snow.  We played in it.  It was cold.  That's about it.  Nothing original to post.  Carter loved running back and forth in it (after he got over his precious shoes being covered in snow) and Trenton, of course, LOVES snow.  We played a hide and seek game with a Ben 10 toy.  We took turns hiding it in the snow and giving the other person clues to where it was.  This is WAY better than an ice day.  After 20 minutes of snow time, Carter laid his head on my shoulder and asked for a nap, lol.

While he slept, I made some chocolate snow ice cream for Trenton and we'll probably make some more later.  But for now, we'll watch cartoons, play in the fort, and drink hot coco until daddy comes home. 


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