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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

She has trouble acting normal when she's nervous.

Counting Crows?  Anyone?  Eh.  Forget it.

I should be sleeping.  Instead, here I am.  Reading blogs and playing facebook games.  I cannot sleep!  I keep thinking about this plane ride tomorrow.  I have my anxiety meds.  I have my xanax.  But... I can't even think about getting on the plane without getting panicy.  What if I have a panic attack right there in the airport?!  How friggin' embarrassing?!  I may cry.  The ugly, snotty, slobbery cry.  ::Sigh::

I can't get the "what if" questions out of my head.  Everything from the obvious, "What if the engines quit and the plane plummets to a fiery furnace of death?" to "What if I have an aneurysm and the altitude causes it to rupture and I die without medical attention?".

Yeah.  All that morbid awesomeness floating around in my head.    

Sooooo, I did a low rent version of my will today.  I got a template off the internet and had it witnessed by coworkers and notarized by my girlfriend at work.  Hopefully, that will get my kids where they need to go and my life insurance/personal belongings to whom they need to be with in the even of LOST type tragedy. 

Oh, and that's another thing.  I keep seeing the realistic crash scenes from my favorite show for 6 years.  Plus, we're connecting.  So I get to do the taking off and landing thing 4 times round trip.

I may be being a huge baby... but I'm skeered. 




Jules said...

and you made it juuust fine! Although, now I suppose you have 4 more times on the way home? You can do it Durb... self medicate prior!

KRiSTiN said...

oh... i medicated myself into a coma. i passed out on the way home and remember nothing, lol.

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