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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's My Party

Saturday, the 26th, was my birthday celebration. It was a small gathering of some of my best friends. Amy & Keith, Preston & Sarah, Corey and Debbie. We started out at Campisi’s for dinner. YUM! I got a super cute basket with wine, bad movies {I ♥ bad movies!} and an amazon gift card for ebooks for my kindle from Amy, one of my besties and her husband Keith!! I’ve already been buying books left and right. Thanks Amy and Keith!!! 

I also got a foot carwash {lol} that you may have seen on an infomercial near you from Sarah and Preston. Sarah and I have had a long appreciated the works of a voice over of the late Billy Mays commercials. So getting an infomercial gift was AWESOME! I also got a parachute! Or big panties, however you want to use them. They appeared in my previous blog, but deserved another mention. They are huge. I was afraid they’d beat me up if I neglected another shout out.

Anyway, dinner-drinks-and-chatting was super fun and my meatball sandwich was soooooo good. In fact, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. After a bout of singing from my awesome friends and both tiramisu AND a slice of Italian wedding cake with candles, we all shared desert and then headed over to Pocket Sandwich Theatre for the next segment of the evening.

I’d never been to Pocket Sandwich Theatre, but had heard good things. We saw a production called “Pajama Tops” and it was really fun! I enjoyed it! It was really funny! It was sexy for the guys {Cute girls in revealing clothing. We ALL commented on one girls ass being unavoidable, lol} and funny for the ladies. I recommend it! I will go back for sure. I loved it. By far, the star of the show was Lenard JolieJolie. Hilarious. Gay man turned woman loving maniac, lol. Anyway, while at the theatre, Preston spilled his beer… right into Amy’s purse… twice. Hahahahaha! But it’s ok. Amy spilled red wine on her own white tank top, too, lol. Thank goodness for Corey’s tide pen.

After PST, we went to Stan’s Blue Note. Mistake, lol. First of all, at our table it smelled like ASS. So much so, that I was positive someone had a NASTY case of gas. Turns out, we were right outside one of the girl bathrooms that was DISGUSTING. Ew. Bitches be nasty.

Anyhoo, THEN our waitress was… challenged {and she was wearing a romper type apparatus that was unflattering at best}. We ordered shots, for my birthday. They never came. Cody and Brian {friends of Preston’s} showed up and Cody ordered shots… never came. The waitress was unapologetic about forgetting to put in our order. Annoying. We finished up our drinks and left. Well, we tried. Apparently there was some “confusion” about how much money Keith put in his tab. The waitress claimed he still owed her money. First she said he only gave her $4. Then she said it was $6. GAWD! I was happy to leave there, lol.

Preston had had enough at this point, lol. He was in a state we all knew would suck come morning, so Sarah and he got in a taxi and went home.  But not before providing hours of entertainment. 

The rest of us went over to The Dubliner. Upon walking in and choosing a table, I was serenaded by a group of strangers {including a cute dude in a tux and a friendly gentlemen with an accent to die for}. After that Happy Birthday awesomeness, we sat and ordered drinks and shots. Shots… wrong. They were NOT good. I am a girly non-beer drinking kinda person. I drink wine, fruity drinks and fruity fun shots. This was like acid. Sheesh! But we drank it. There was about an hour of crazy after that. Coaster being set on fire and being thrown, people getting slapped, people want to kill other people {lol}, more shots, picture taking, Keith trying to sing to me by candle light… except he kept blowing out the candle {Hahahaha!}, etc.

It was such a good night! I had sooo much fun. Seriously, fantastic night. Thanks to Amy and Sarah for organizing it and helping make it so spectacular! I love you ladies so much, you don’t even know.

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