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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thank God for...

In light of the nearing birthday I'm struggling to grasp the joy in, I thought I'd force myself to stop being so pouty and glum about something I can't change.  Way to do this?  I dunno.  But ticking off something I'm thankful for for every metephorical candle on said birthday's cake sounds like a good start.

In no particular order....

1. I'm thankful for my parents.  They're good people.  Good examples.  And good friends {now}.  I respect and admire their marriage and their values.  They were strict and demanded the best from my brother and I.  They refused to let us become houligan riffraff, no matter how hard I tried.  I'm not saying I never skipped school {I did} or that I never got my hands on a beer before 21 {I did that, too}, but not for my parents lack of trying to keep me out of trouble.  I will say, that when I did do stupid things, it was in moderation for the fear they instilled in me.  And there were consequences.  My parents did their job.  A job I didn't realize was so hard until I became a mom myself.  I hope I can be as influential to my children as my parents were to me.

2. Tag-a-longs

3. The health of my 2 boys.  With the numerous cases of heart disease, cancer in various forms, birth defects, and a million other scares I feel SOOOOO lucky that both my boys are healthy physically and mentally.  Thank God.  This is the one thing I am most thankful for in my life.  If I had to trade every other good thing in my life to keep this gift a truth, I absolute would.  Without hesitation. 

4. Lost.  I loved Lost.  Yeah.  It's my list.  Cancelled tv shows can be on it if I say so.

5. Debbie Smith.  I cannot tell you how many times I leaned on Deb while I was going through my divorce with Trenton's dad.  She was there for me without fail.  And some of the best times of my life were had with her.  She is an AWESOME person and amazing friend.  I am better for knowing her.

6. Wine. 

7. TV.  I will {ashamedly} admit I use this more than I like to admit.  For both me and my kids.  But I love a good show be it funny, dramatic or informative.

8. Myspace.  Oh yeah.  Because I love the wave of teenage nonsense that happens there.  Noooo, not really.  Because I met my husband because of it.  ::Awkward Silence::  Yeah.  It's true.  Embarassing, but true. 

9. I suppose an appropriate follow up to that is "my husband".  :)  My husband is a fabulous person and I both love him and admire his morals and the quality of man he is.  He's a great father to BOTH of my children and an extremely patient person {if you knew me when I was pregnant, you understand}.

10. Celexa and Xanax. 

11. Knee high boots.

12. Diet Dr. Pepper

13. Employement.  I went a long time without a job.  So having a job, as emotionally stressful as it can be, is a blessing.  Hurray for earning a paycheck.

14. Sarah Gibson.  I mean Sherrell.  Gibson-Sherrell?  NO.  Anyhoo... one of my favorite people and best friends.  I love who she is.  She is so real and honest.  She's also hilarious.  An email exchange with her can COMPLETELY change the course of my day.  I look forward to our sporatic all day scary-movie-a-thons like a child looks forward to Christmas.  We have the BEST time together.  Seriously.  I have never been in her presence and have a crappy or even lukewarm experience. 

15. Yoga/pajama pants.

16. I live in America.  Not a Korea, the Middle East or ::shudders:: Canada. 

17. I got to HAVE kids.  There are a lot of women who have fertility problems.  I grew 2 goreous baby boys inside my tum.  I felt their kicks, experienced their hiccups, and grew right along with them while they baked in there.  It's a simple miracle, but a miracle just the same. 

18. I never had to have braces.

19. I'm a woman.  I wouldn't want to be a man.  Woman are just... better.  We get to be dainty when we want to be and strong "hear me roar" equals when we want.  Win/win.

20. I'm smart.  I mean, I can do/say stupid things, but I'm not an idiot.  Not like those people who are just plain stupid.  You know the kind I mean.  Not dumb enough to have a mental "problem" but who sport more blank stares or empty smiles than anything else.  Good people.  Not dissing them.  I'm just glad I'm not one of them.

21. Digital cameras.  Sooooo much better than the old skool way.  Taking a picture and hoping it comes out ok.  Now we can take 50 of the same picture and post the BEST one on facebook.

22. Amy Noblett.  I met her through Scott.  But it didn't take long for her to become one of my best friend.  She is HILARIOUS!  I enjoy her stories, her candid personality, her ability to make friends anywhere, and the FUN that surrounds her.  She's one of the most generous people I have ever met.  She just became a mom and I can't wait to watch her walk down this new path in her life.  She is going to be GREAT at momminess.  I'm lucky to know her. 

23. Laser hair removal. 

24. The comfy bra.  You know the one, ladies.  The one that you'd never wear on a third date {ahem} but that is the one you wear {or want to be wearing} the rest of the time.  The one that loves your boobs and doesn't pinch, twist or lift because it likes you the way you are.

25. Boneless buffalo wings.

26. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

27. DVR!  Now I never have to miss Teen Mom important informational grownup programs.

28. Trenton's imagination.  Seriously, that child is incredible.  He is SO creative and spontaneous.  I love how lost he can get into his own fantasy games.  He tells stories with an excitement you can manufacture.

29. Penny slots.  The afore mentioned Sarah has gotten me addicted to interactive penny slots.

30. Carter's identical... um... ness to my husband.  It's sometimes sad he does look like me AT ALL, but I love that he looks just like Scott.  I can't explain why, but it's just so sweet.  I love that connection between the 2 of them. 


The Barbers said...

Absolute greatness and absolutely, 100% Durb!

Margie said...

I just love reading your "stuff"....even though I don't always comment, please know that I read it all.
Feel good about being 30 and enjoy life without putting a number on it. I'm 67 and counting and I'm enjoying my life more than ever...take care, Kristin

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