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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

Ahhhh, vacation.  Scott and I had never had one.  Nope, not really even a honeymoon.  So this was a super welcome event.  We went to Las Vegas to watch one of my favorite people, Sarah, get married. 

I took more pictures on this trip with Scott's iphone than I did with MY camera.  That phone is just so darn convinient.  I will finally admit I "get" the iphone craze, although I don't have or necessarily want one.

Anyway, back to the fun stuff... 

Day 1

First of all, a couple of days before we left, Scott discovered his license was expired. Meaning no valid ID. Meaning no boarding an airplane. So the morning we left, he was at the DMV getting a renewal. At 9:15 am he still wasn't home and our flight was at 11:30.  UGH!   Anyway, thankfully, it got taken care of and we arrived at our gate JUST in time to get in line to board. 

I don't enjoy flying.  Period.  I took 1 xanax that morning then seeing as I wanted to cry the second we got to the airport, I took another.  But since we cut it so close, it didn't have time to kick in.  I honestly can't tell you what my reaction was.  I just remember hating it more than anything else on the planet.  I was terrified.  I wanted off.  I can't say that if we'd been on the emergency exit aisle, I wouldn't have pulled the door open.  I wanted off the plane. 

I calmed down, I guess.  Scott convinced me to look out the window at the clouds below us and I have to admit, that was neat.  But the rest of it?  No.  Not for me.  I'll never be a world traveler unless it's via car, bus or boat.

My husband was very suportive and awesome about my inability to control my fear, though, so thanks for that, Love. 

Anyway, we got to Vegas and checked into our condo.  Scott's friend Johnny let us use his timeshare {for FREE!} and let me tell you, it was AWESOME.  We had a kitchen, which kept food spending down on breakfast and even dinner one night.  And the view was spectacular.  Our room was right off the Bellagio fountains so we saw them over and over and over again.  It doesn't get old.  Especially when you can lie in bed and watch them go off with the Eiffel Tower lit up in your eyeline as well.  It was seriously breath-taking.

We walked over and went to the Bellagio to watch the fountains directly in front of the source itself..  Scott was really excited to see it... until it came on and the song was Celin Dion's My Heart Will Go On.  Hahahahaha!  Scott HATES Celin.  It was just funny.  Guess you had to be there.  Here's this so you can be.  I started recording it too early.  It's about a minute in.

Hmmm.  After a bit, we went to meet Sarah & Preston {the reason for our trip} at Margaritaville.  Sarah and I shared a rita blender and then ordered another {smaller} rita for ourselves.  Yum.  Then we all traveled over to O'Shea's and gambled for a bit.  I'm not sure {after 5 days in Vegas, things start running together} but I think we went to the Bellagio and I lost $100+ at roulette.  Oops! 

We called it a night soon after that, lol.

Day 2

Scott and I went to Bill's Saloon for free craps lessons.  That was interesting, lol.  We walked down the strip and ate at McDonalds, lol.  I randomly got my picture made with Jack Sparrow {heart flutters}. 

Then we went to the MGM to see the lion exhibit.  I, of course, wanted my picture with a lion cub, so $25 later, we had a picture of us with a 6 month old lion.  Crazy!  We checked out the the Sports Book {which had REALLY comfy chairs} then I'm pretty sure we went back and took a nap.  That night was the Bachelorette party.  So I met up with Sarah {the bride}, Karen, Lauren, Stephanie, Jill {Sarah's sister} and some other people.  Some other people not really associated with the wedding.  In fact, 3 of those 4 people didn't know the bride at all.  Some other chick who's husband knows the groom came and INVITED 3 OF HER FRIENDS to join us.

I'll let that sink in.

Grasping it?


We couldn't either.  I mean... really?  Who invites their friend to someone else's intimate bachelorette dinner with close friends and the bridal party?  Anyway, that's all I'll say about that, but believe me, there's so.much.more to that story.

Sadly {hehehe}, they jetted {without even waiting for the bride to get back from the bathroom to say goodbye} and we all went to the NYNY and rode the roller coaster and went to one of the clubs called ROK where we witnessed an elderly couple shaking their groove thang with no shame.  After that, we called it a night and I met Scott back at the Bellagio where he was playing poker.  We walked back to our room, completely exhausted, and slept in the next morning. 

Day 3

Friday Scott and I went sightseeing.  We went to several of the casinos just to see them.  At the Venetian, we watched a fun little opera show then Scott surprised me and we took a private gondola ride.  Well, the ride was planned, the having the whole thing to ourselves wasn't.  It was really fun.  Then we went over to the Mirage and poked around and ate at a cute little deli with the yummiest homemade pickles EVER.  Seriously, just thinking about it is making me crave them.  ::Drools:: 

After several hours of casino exploration and random gambling, it was nap time.  After our nap, we went to Freemont Street.  It was pretty dang cool.  We ziplined from 100 feet in the air down Freemont Street under the canopy that lights up.  Pretty cool.  Then we played slots, blackjack, and craps until 3 am.  After walking forever and getting completely lost trying to find the stop for the Deuce {bus that runs up and down the strip}, we FINALLY got back to the condo around 4am.  Being wound up from our adventure, we didn't go to sleep until about 5am.

Day 4

Wedding Day!

We went to the wedding.  That's it, lol.  Our soul purpose for the day was attending the wedding, so we dedicated ourselves completely to it.  We got up about 12:30 and got ready and went straight to the wedding.  We were a bit early and they weren't seating yet, so we grabbed a drink at the bar next door beforehand.  It was awesome.  It was at the MGM wedding chapel, which was REALLY classy and elegant and the reception was at NYNY's The Nine Fine Irishmen on the 2nd floor.  REALLY fun.  And Sarah looked GORGEOUS.  :)  Everyone was having a great time.  Scott had a LOT to drink and said several really sweet things to me, lol.  I enjoyed it.

It made me wish I'd gotten married in Vegas.  It was the perfect combo of class and fun. 

Afterward, Scott and I went to Shibuya for a nice sushi dinner.  It was SO good.  I got a spicy tuna roll and angus beef tenderloin {which was absolutely delightful!} and Scott got a mixed sushi platter which must have been good since he devoured it.  It was really nice to go out and have a nice, grown up dinner.  Plus, Scott and his buzz were pretty entertaining.  This restarurant also had a super cool giant wall that lit up and displayed soothing and very zen-ish pictures.  We went back to the condo and crashed after that.  Well, Scott did, lol.  I watched TV and read for awhile.

Day 5

Another day of just having fun!   We went to NYNY to eat because I LOVED how the food court place was decorated like a whole little New York neighborhood.  I had the BEST meatball sub ever. 

Then we played more slots, video poker, electronic blackjack, and whatever else we saw that looked fun.  Then we went over to the MGM to play the AWESOME horse game I'd seen and thought was HILARIOUS.  A little electronic track with plastic horses that "raced" around the track and you bet on the horses {1-6} who'll be first and second.  Really funny because it looks ridiculous.  But it was REALLY fun.  Scott and I each put in $5.  Scott lost his and I walked away with $12.50.  Soooo, score +$2.50.

Then we went to meet Sarah and Preston... sorta.  We went to the Bellagio to chill with them before they went to the Garth concert.  We stopped once more to see the fountains then wandered in.  Scott went to play poker, Preston had gone to meet his friend, and Sarah and I played slots including a very exciting game called Reel Money or something like that.  We were very verbal about our excitement.  So much so that a group of old people was stalking us and camping out waiting for us to get done.  It was annoying.  We drank our drinks much slower when we noticed it.  Anyway, thanks to Sarah, I now have a serious addiction to penny slots.  :)

We then escaped for a few moments up to Sarah and Preston's room.  AWESOME!  We watched the fountains from her spectacular view in the Bellagio.  HUGE windows with electric curtains, a giant bathroom, and a badet!  It really was a fabulous room. 

They left to get ready for their concert and Scott and I went to the Stratosphere.  It was on my list of "must dos" to ride the roller coaster on the top of said casino.  The top.  116 floors up.  Yeah.  So we went.  We walked to the ticket counter.  And the lady told me that the roller coaster came down a couple of years ago and we could ride another ride like the seesaw or the big shot.  The big shot loads you up, swings you out over the edge, then spins you around so fast your seat turns to face the ground 953 feet about the ground.  We {Scott} bought the tickets for the Big Shot.  We got in the elevator {which made me INSANE.. I hate elevators} and got up to the line for the Big Shot.  And... I chickened out.  That ride was NOT on my list.  Scott was less than pleased with me as I'd been talking a fair amount of crap to him since he's afraid of heights.  I'd been teasing him about going on this very ride.  But in my defense, I never said I wanted to ride it.  I just wanted to do the roller coaster.  Yikes!!!  In an effort to redeem myself, I quickly asked if I could trade our tickets for another ride, the one described at the ticket counter as a "seesaw".  They were cool with that so we got on the x-scream. 

Seesaw?  Um... what?!

I wanna know what scary ass playgrround that lady played on as a child.  HOLY GAWD.  I was TERRIFIED.  We got right on and never saw it in action before we were part of said action.  Shooting downward at crazy fast speeds toward the end of a track that has no visible way of stopping you is scary.  Oh, did I mention you're dangling OVER THE EDGE OF THE STRATOSHERE?  Again, that's 116 stories up.  And then, when you're fairly confident that you aren't going to die, the ride, while dangling you over the edge, DROPS you so you think the ride's breaking and you're plummeting to your death.  Or that's what I thought.  I guess that's what I get for talking smack then chickening out.  But DANG!  The operator guy actually got on the speaker and asked if I were ok {Scott and I were the only people on the ride} and if I needed a tissue.  Yes, I cried.  The laugh cry you do when terror's taken over your whole being.

This is a youtube video of the ride.  Except we did it at night.  I just think that's worse. 

I may or may not have screamed and said a bounty of curse words MUCH to the delight of the group of people observing from the safety of the deck.  But we lived, much to my surprise.  After that, we hung out inside the observation deck until we got hungry and decided to go eat.  We went back to the condo and made a pizza in the oven and chilled for a bit.  Then we went shopping for trinkets to bring back to the kids and my parents, who were so awesomely taking care of my 2 children AND 2 puppies.  After that we met back up with the newly married Sherrells.  Scott ran off to play poker and Preton went to play blackjack.  Sarah and I played slots again.  Eventually, Preston joined us.  We played Monopoly penny slots and we ALL THREE hit super cool bonuses. Hurray!  However, I kept ending up sitting between those 2 and that never paid out well for me.  I guess that's destiny telling me to quit spliting up the newlyweds.  Message received!

It was pretty late at this point so they retired to their spectacular room. And I waited for Scott to get done with poker. After a couple more minutes of playing penny slots together, we went back to our room and packed seeing as we were leaving the next morning.

Day 6

We got on the plane at 9:30.  And came home.  We landed a little after 3.  We picked up the kids and the dogs and all was back to normal. 

Viva Las Vegas, but God Bless Texas!!

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