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Friday, March 04, 2011

Those are the breaks...

Foot is still broken.  After more painful x-rays and bone "massaging" today, my doctor says I will be celebrating 30 with my fashionable asymetrical footwear.  Even better?  If my fractures aren't healing by my next appointment {the day after my birthday} I get to be put on a bone stimulator and possibly crutches. 

Happy Birthday to me.  ::Sobs::



Carol said...

Sorry, sweetie, but that's what it took for mine to finally heal. Don't buy the bone stimulator. I have one you can borrow. They are ridiculously expensive and insurance doesn't cover the whole cost. My part alone was $550. I also have crutches if you need them.

KRiSTiN said...

Holy CRAP! That is expensive. Thanks mom.

Margie said...

so sorry Kristin...I hope your foot is better really soon and I'm also hoping for NO crutches....Good luck
p.s. I loved reading about all of your adventures in Vegas...Take care

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