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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Whooooo let the dogs in?

FIRST of all, I got my husband a massage for being some awesome lately, especially while we were in Vegas.  I realize marriages have ups and downs, but we're in an "up" for sure.  I feel loved and appreciated and I wanted him to feel the same way. 

BUT, that's not really the point of this.  The point is, I got him a 90 minute massage for $89.  And it's a GOOOOD massage.  He got me a package at this place before which included the massage and I felt like awesome sprinkled with fabulous afterward.  Anyway, Serenity Spa in Plano if you're feeling like being generous to someone else or spoiling yourself.

Just thought I'd share.

Now... on to crazy cuteness!

Being a puppy is hard.  It's a RUFF life.

Yeah, I wrote that.

::Awkward Silence::

Anyhooooo, this was my Saturday night after Carter went to bed... new bones for the pups and watching tv while they slept. 

Easton likes to snuggle with mommy while he chews. 

Appa doesn't.

Appa LOVES his new chew bone, though.

I think Easton was using my legs as a baracade to keep Appa from sneaking up and stealing his bone.

Night Night, Appa!

Sweet dreams, Easton!

It's so exhausting to be so cute.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

these puppies are the cutest!

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