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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Crazy Stuff n' Junk

Happy Easter!

I think most of you know that my mother was in an accident Wednesday night.  She shattered her ankle.  She destroyed her car and had surgery at about 1am to put plates and screws in her ankle.  The following is an in-her-own-words recounting taken from her blog:

"It all happened so fast that I have "flashes" of pictures in my head. The first picture is a coyote. He waited until I was right up on him before darting into the road in front of me. I don't care what people say...and there are plenty of them out there with free, unsolicited advice, you would not "just run over him." There's this little thing called instinct and it kicks in. Mine did and I stomped my brakes. In truth, I was probably driving too fast on that road. I usually do. Anyway, stomping the brakes made me start sliding and I lost control of the car. I ended up in the ditch coming to a very sudden stop. I didn't know until Ronnie went back up there today that there is a sawed off tree trunk hiding in those bushes that I hit. Thinking back, I remember hearing and feeling my ankle and knowing that I "hurt" it. At that point, however, I wasn't really in pain. Sitting there for a minute until I calmed down, I still just thought I had run off the road. Didn't really comprehend that the boom sound meant that I had wrecked the car. As I said, it all happened really fast. Warp speed, even. After a minute I thought, "Okay, let me back this thing out of the ditch and get on my way." Well, I got it to go backward, but still not knowing how badly my ankle was hurt, I didn't realize that I had no way to stop it. Thank God for that brick mailbox??? Just after slamming backwards into the mailbox did the pain hit and I realized that my ankle might be broken."
Soooo, yeah.  Ouch.  Not convinced?  Pictures prove it's disgusting.

Yeah.  That ain't right.  It's ok to cringe.  Maybe even throw up in your mouth a little bit.  But she seems to being doing better now.  She came home from the hospital on Friday evening and is being cared for by my poor dad who just seems exhausted.  ::Sigh:: 

Anyway, shoot her some good vibes and prayers.

Ok.  Shake that image off.  It lingers a bit.  It's ok.  But it's Easter!!  And that means, first and foremost, huge thanks to God and his gift of eternal life at His side thanks to the blood of Christ.  He is risen, my friends.  Glory to our King. 

"He is risen; he is not here."-- Mark 16:6

Wow.  Just... wow.  So powerful and moving.  A simple statement with such a huge meaning. 

Of course, those of us with kids celebrate with the Easter Bunny and candy (because that makes sense..?).  :)  We hunted eggs before going out to my parents house this afternoon.  The boys had a GREAT time.  Trenton found the "Prize" egg.  A silver, one of a kind egg that had a special candy and winner certificate inside.  :)  Sooo fun.  Carter filled his Elmo basket to overflowing (the bunny got a bit carried away with eggs at our house, lol) and kept rediscovering the same eggs, lol.  Then he started putting them in his pockets. Super cute.

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Carol said...

Cute pictures of the egg hunters!!

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