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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Weekend Whatnot

Last night I got to meet Lila!  My birthday buddy, Jen and her husband Dave just had their 2nd little girl.  She is SO small!  You forget how small they start out sometimes, lol.  I took the boys over there around 6 to meet her.  Bridget and the Nobletts were there, too, so we had an impromtu gathering.  Scott was at Opening Day participating in whatever male nonsense was going on this year, but I got to hold TWO babies.  Lila and Greyson.  The boys played with big sis Mia and Bridget's daughter Kenzie.  I think I've met at least one of my daughter-in-laws.  Mia loves Trenton.  She said so last night.  Trenton, however, could not STOP talking about "baby Lila".  And Carter asked about Mia all the way home.  This is a whole mess of broken hearts waiting to happen.  

Anyway, I'm BEAT!  It's been a puppy productive day.  I took Appa and Easton to the vet for their 3rd round of shots and scheduled their neuters.  Eek!  Next week my boys will be... lighter. 

Anyway, after picking up a brush and some new bones {which takes about 45 minutes with 2 puppies who have different ideas on which way they want to go}, we headed home for bath time.  I scrubbed those filthy pups good {1 at a time... I learned my lesson last time I tried to do them both at once} and blow dried their fluffy golden fur.  They smell sooo good and are soooo fluffy and soft. 

They are currently chewing their new bones in the living room with Daddy while he watches some soccer game. 

I'm killing time before I hit the showers.  I am COVERED in dog hair and wet dog smell, lol.  But I have to shower soon so I can go see Amy and her 4 month old Greyson.  I love babies.  :)  Can't wait for some chill time with my girl and her little man.  Wine and good company.  I ♥ weekends.  :)

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