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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jovial June n' Junk

Life is soooo busy!  Even on "lazy" weekends, there's so much to do.  I'm going to play a little catch up.

Trenton got home from Disney World Sunday night.  He was gone for over a week!  It was so insanely weird to not have him around.  I missed him so.very.much.  Carter did, too.  He really struggled with Bubba not being there for so long.  He got upset with me when I picked him up at school and didn't being Bubba home, too.  I tried to explain Bubba wasn't there, but he was having none of it.  He tried to set the table for Trenton at dinner time, he asked where Bubba was... it was really sad. 

But Trenton's home.  And he had a great time.  He has a new love for Pluto, apparently, and is excited to go back, lol. 

Here's a few pictures from Nana's camera.

While they were exploring the magical land of Disney, we were home puppysitting Beau, my parents Yorkie.  Which was fine... except for our Saturday walk.  We take the dogs out to the parks near our house sometimes so they have free reign to run.  We can unleash them and let them run until they can run anymore.  One park is particularly secluded, so we unleashed Beau, too.  Beau, being a toot, immediately ignored the vast space of field and free space and ran into the dense bushes that define the perimeter of the park.  ::Sigh::  Beau came out looking like a character in a movie about homeless and sick people.  He was COVERED in tiny burrs.  Then he proceeded to roll around like an epilectic and further embed those darn things in his fur.  After a panicked freak out from me, we had to take him in for an emergency grooming.  I was terrified they were going to have to shave all his hair off.  But alas, they only had to trim up the very top of his head.  WHEW!  He came back all fluff and clean.  MUCH better than before. 

Carter has a new favorite thing to say.  "He hit me".  He will, when he wants attention or hurts himself, tell me that "Him hit me".  When I ask who, he tells me "Daddy".  When I ask where, he points to his mouth or head or arm or whatever.  Now... he says this when I WATCHED him hit himself with a toy.  It made me giggle the first time.  Now I'm just hoping he doesn't do this at school and they call CPS thinking Scott actually hits him.  This child doesn't even get spanked as often as he should.  Little toot.  But at least he doesn't make up lies about me, lol.

Tomorrow is Trenton's birthday.  We already had his party because of crazy June scheduling, but tomorrow he will be 8 years old.  It's just insane.  I still remember holding him right after he was born and looking at those huge eyes and being utterly TERRIFIED.  What did 22 year old Kristin know about raising a baby.  Responsible for a PERSON?!  Holy Moly.  I was lost.  But there was no denying my complete and total devotion to that little man.  And he's turned out to be a pretty good kid.  Amazing, actually.  He's so soft hearted and sweet.  He genuinely cares for people and their feelings.  He's creative and imaginative and would do anything for anyone.  He's mommy's biggest fan and I am his.  He's incredibly artisticly gifted and he says things sometimes that blow me away.  He's so smart.  He's been talkative since day one.  He literally made noises constantly, even as a baby.  And to this day, he is still always making noise, lol.  In my little family of 4, he's the man I've loved the longest and that will never change. 

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