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Monday, June 20, 2011

Mundane Monday

I do admitted weird stuff sometimes.  Over the weekend, I randomly decieded we needed plants.  Why?  I don't know.  I like plants, but with kids and puppies... we just don't have any.  Not real ones.  So while at Walmart looking for a bigger pool for the dogs, I started grabing plants and small trees.  It was SO fun!  I didn't get THAT many, but enough to breath a little life into our house.  And they were CHEAP people.  Small plants for $2.75 and a tropical tree for $11.  Hanging flower baskets for outside for $6.  It's the little things.

Progress is still being {slowly} made on the kitchen.  The cabinets are... well, they're closer to being done than they were, lol. 

Trenton is at Disney World with my parents.  They drove there in their brand new RV.  I saw it Friday and it's NICE!  Very spacious and clean.  2 slide outs.  And it's not a trailer, it's a REAL RV.  Carter LOVED the big leather pilot chair.  He was "driving".  He kept asking everyone if they were ready.  "yous ready?".  So funny.  I can't wait to borrow it!  I want to take the boys to San Antonio in September/October and this would be PERFECT.  :) 

I haven't being doing much.  Just building my zombie army, reading and working. 

I DID take Scott's truck to get detailed for Father's Day.  It was so shiny!  And it smelled so clean.  :)  Other than that, I'm pretty much just being the same old boring me.  :)

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