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Sunday, July 17, 2011

1 Fish, 2 Fish... and a Dragon

Trenton isn't getting the whole room makeover that Carter got {and is still sorta getting as I collect things).  But he is getting the "I'm getting older and need a boy to tween type room" update.  New bed {Carter's gorgeous crib mad into a full sized bed}, new dresser(s?), and new bedding/color scheme.  Along with some other cool things I have in mind to make his room "his" place and somewhere that's fun. 

Phase 1 would be the bed converstion you'd think.  But since I found this other thing and don't have the conversion kit yet, it isn't.

Phase 1 is actually... cool fish tank.  Random?  Yes.  Awesome?  Also yes.  I bought a 20 gallon fish tank with EVERYTHING.  Pump, heater, under gravel filter, net, hood and light {the expensive UV kind that looks cooler} for $40.  $40!!!  That would have cost me HUNDREDS at the store.  Well, I wouldn't have gotten it.  Trenton would have had a cheesey little punk tank that's dumb.  But instead, he gets a rockin' tank with $$ left over for coolio decor.

I just set it up today, so it's gotta run for about a week before we go pick out fish, but as of now, it look cool.  I picked out a fish guardian that I think Trenton will LOVE.  He's at his dad's house so he won't see it until he gets home tonight.  I can't wait to see what he thinks. 


The whole tank {minus the "background" we need to go pick out and attach to the back so you can't see his bedroom wall.}

Blue is his favorite color so I got this blue thingy.

RAWR again!  Seriously love this guy.  Bubbles come out of his mouth.  So cool.

I love the black gravel and black stones, too.  So neat looking.

These picture don't do it justice.  It seriously looks awesome.  I'm SOOOO happy I got him this.  And I can't wait to take him to pick out fish!  :)


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