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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Backswing Giggles N Other Crud

Friday First, Scott and I went to Top Golf.  OMG.  SOOOO much fun.  We'll be going back for sure.  If you've never been there, go.  Scott had never swung a golf club before and I haven't since college when I was a bartender at a golf course.  But regardless of our golf "skills", we had a blast.  My only regret is not bringing a golf glove.  I FELT myself get a blister.  It felt like skin ripping away from whatever it is that keeps skin attached to you.  I've never felt anything like it.  OUCH!  But worth it.  It was a super fun daytime date.  :)

Friday evening, 3 of the 5 of us went to our location (my girlfriend's house) to drop things off so all we had to do Saturday morning was set up.  However, setting up was kinda complicated with the vans of people coming in before we were even REMOTELY ready.  No random person, I don't want to haggle with you before this thing even starts.  And let's go ahead and mention the group of people who refuse to speak English and steal stuff.  Yeah.  We had a couple of those.  Luckily for me, I only lost some of Trenton's nicer clothing.  But SEVERAL more pricey items walked away from my friends stashes.  But what can you do?  It was too crazy to police everything.  But we did ok spreading out and keeping an eye on things. 

Well, until we finally had a chance to pop up the canopy and sit in the shade.  Then we all pretty much stayed circled up under the tent to get out of the MILLION degree weather.  Holy misery.  So hot. 

But we ALL moved a bunch of stuff.  There was a steady stream of people all.day.long.  It wasn't ever slow.  I made my very first sale this morning (Trenton's hamster cage and a brand new bag of hamster food) before I'd even gotten all my stuff outside. 

Just one side of the yard...

 SOME of my stuff...  bye bye stuff!  Enjoy your new homes!

The point was, of course, to earn some cash for our RV roadtrip in a month.  I've earned enough to fund my entire trip now.  So that's pretty exciting.  Now I just have to sit on it.  THAT will be the hard part.  Large sums of cash begs me to spend it on things for the boys. 


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