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Friday, July 22, 2011

iPhone iThinks

I've had an iphone for about... 4 maybe 6 months.  I held out.  I fought it.  I can't really remember why...

Now that I have one, I will always have one.  In fact, I'm eligible for an upgrade around the time the iphone 5 is rumored to come out.  ::giggy squeal::

Anyhoo, so one of my favorite things is shopping the app store.  Mostly for free stuff.  Occasionally I pay $0.99 for something.  Anyhoo, I thought it'd be fun to list the Must Have iPhone Apps according to Kristin.  :)

Here we go!

#5 urbanspoon
Kristin: This thing is cool!  You can lock down city and/or type of food and/or price range and it finds places nearby for you to eat.  Fun if you want to try new things or can't figure out where to go.  Got a date who can't say anything but "I don't care, what do YOU want." (Barf)  Let Urbanspoon decide!

Website: Can't decide where to eat? Urbanspoon can help. SHAKE your iPhone and the Urbanspoon slot machine will pick a good restaurant for you to try. See what's NEARBY to explore your 'hood in list or map mode. See what your FRIENDS like. BROWSE a comprehensive list of restaurants.

#4 Around Me
Kristin: I use this a LOT.  Trying to find the nearest Target or Dollar Tree or Gas Station.  This is THE go-to app for me.

Website: AroundMe quickly identifies your position and allows you to choose the nearest Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, Hotel, Movie Theatre, Restaurant, Supermarket, Theatre and Taxi.
AroundMe shows you a complete list of all the businesses in the category you have tapped on along with the distance from where you are.
For every listing you can choose to see its location on a Map, view the route from where you are, add the information to your contact list or even email the information to a friend.
The Nearby listing allows you to find information using Wikipedia about what is around you.
Fast, easy and accurate. AroundMe is your ideal day to day companion.

#3 MyFitnessPal
Kristin: You can search for and log your food/drink intake and it tallies your calories and subtracts it from your daily goal.  No more guesswork in trying to get healthier!

Website: You can log your food and exercise wherever and whenever you'd like - even if you can't get to a computer.

All our apps work with our website and have access to the same comprehensive database of over 1,044,000 foods and restaurant items. Any changes you make on your phone will be synchronized to the web and vice versa — so you always have complete and up-to-date access to your account.

#2 Runkeeper
Kristin: I went for a quick walk yesterday and used this to track distance.  But it has different workouts, coaching, and it can be used for cycling/mountainbiking/running/Downhill skiing/skating/swimming/elliptical/rowing and tons more!  No need to buy some dumb Nikes with a capsule in the shoe ::cough, cough, Scot, cough::.  This does all that for you... for FREE!  AND you can listen to your itunes playlist at the same time.  your "coach" just lowers the volume to tell you when to start your next interval and give you an update on your distance/time/avg speed.  AWESOME!

Website: RunKeeper makes tracking your workouts fun, social, and easy to understand so that you can improve the quality of your fitness.

#1 Instagram
Kristin: My favorite.  I share and look at my friends pics MULTIPLE times a day.  LOVE it.

Website: It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures.
Snap a photo with your iPhone, choose a filter to transform the look and feel, send to Facebook, Twitter or Flickr – it’s all as easy as pie. It’s photo sharing, reinvented.
Oh yeah, did we mention it’s free?

Yep.  That's all I got.  My opinion.  Which is basically fact.  So, this blog is a non-fiction blog.  Take it seriously! 


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