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Friday, July 08, 2011


So, I'm redecorating Carter's room.  He's finally moving into a toddler bed.  I've been really hesitant about that because of the stairs, but it's time.  His room right now is green and orange with tiddlewinks animals.  SOOO cute.  But he LOVES cars... and trains... and tractors... and planes... and motorcycles... you're getting the point, I assume. 

So, I'm gonna make his room fun.  I recently sold his changing table and hutch {I just love craigslist!} and have decided to convert his crib to a full size bed {skipping toddler size} and giving it to Trenton {his room reno is another blog, another day}.  I've arranged the purchase of a race car bed for my transportation fan.  I also have plans for ordering a few other things like a traffic light, some personalized signs {"Carter Only Parking" and whatnot} and will be making some license plate book ends... once I find some old license plates.  I have a ZILLION ideas, but have to reign myself in so his room doesn't end up looking like a bar {Scott's comparision, which made me laugh}. 

I'm excited!  I'm a 30 year old mother of 2.  These things thrill me.

Here's the bed...

...and I'm building off that.  Some street signs, vintage gas station signs, and a traffic light as decorations.  License plates I'm going to bend into bookends.  Stuff like that.

I bought a TON of cute stuff at Target today.  I still need to hit up Hobby Lobby and some antique stores. 

Squishy Nightlight - CLEARANCE!

 Cool License Plate Picture - CLEARANCE!
Reversible Pillow.  The other side is a blue car.   - SUPER CLEARANCE.  They are discontinuing this line of the circo bedding, apparently. PERFECT timing.  I got the last ones and there was already a notice saying they were completely out and wouldn't get more. 

I got a rug very similar to this.  The stripes are more even and there's LOTS more light blue in it. 

Mom and I are going to ikea tomorrow to pick up some furniture for little man's room.  I can't wait to get started on putting all this together!  Hurray!


Alyssa said...

That's hilarious, a bar!!

Now, all you need to do after all the decorating is done is build a Hotwheels ramp that goes around his whole room!! With all the loops, turns, hills, etc... :-D

Stephanie said...

Love it, it's similar to the way I am redoing Trais' we are going with a retro feel but everything that has anything to do with cars. If you haven't already check out hoppy lobby they have some really cute stuff with the automobile theme.

KRiSTiN said...

I am going to hobby lobby and antique stores to find some antique toy cars and an antique gas pump. lol, he would LOVE a ramp all the way around the room. he'd never sleep, lol.

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