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Saturday, July 09, 2011

CARter's new room!

I'm ALMOST done with Carter's newly decorated bedroom.  It's car themed and awesome.  I still have some things to do.  I still need to take some pictures of the road and any cool looking cars I may see and put them on his wall.  I think personalized, blown-up pictures will look cool.  I just need a few more things for the wall and my license plate bookends, but it's done enough for this weekend.  :)

Carter's room is pretty small.  Much smaller than Trenton's and less than half the size of mine and Scott's.  But since the boys have a huge playroom where almost all their toys are, it doesn't seem to matter.  So simple and uncluttered is what we're going for in the boys rooms. 

Route 66 Lightswitch Cover - Hobby Lobby 50% off!
 Love Love LOVE this picture frame.  Also Hobby Lobby 50% off!

 Brand new ikea dresser that was HALF was I was prepared to spend.  Love it.  It's super sturdy and the drawers are smooth {sometimes cheap stuff feels cheap... NOT the case with this dresser.  We're already talking about getting more for us, lol}.
 Bought those round black pillows because I though they looked like tires, lol.  Also Hobby Lobby 50% off!

 Car bed and blanket I made for Carter last night.  Material was 30% off at Hobby Lobby.  Cost me $10 to make and NO sewing.
 SUPER cute trinket find.  Perfect little detail.  Hobby Lobby.  Only thing I paid full price for.
 Super Clearance Target Find.  Map with every states license plate.  So cute.
 A few more cute signs I got for $3 each at Hobby Lobby.
 LOVE this.  50% off made it about $15.  So cute!
These shelves were actually a great find by my mom.  She spotted some red ones while we were at ikea today.  I was bummed because I didn't see any blue until we got to the kids section of the store.  $6.99 a piece!  I love how chunky and fun they are.  {P.S.  They will be bookshelves, I just don't have my other shelf yet, and I wanted to put SOMETHING on the shelves for now.} 
$4.99 at ikea.  WHAT?!  Yes please!!!  Perfection!

The other really cute rug I have in his room.  I was going to go back for another one... until I found the one above this one.  $12.99 sounds so expensive compared to 4.99, lol.  But I do REALLY like this one.  The multicoloredness of it really helps bring the room's many different things together.
This little toy chest/bench was $20 at Target.  It's a pop up storage container but has a padded lid and can hold 120 pounds!  Its insanely sturdy.  And Carter loves to look out his window and watch cars drive by.  This is a perfect window companion for him.

Blue Target frames for $5 each.

Current room shots

I adore this nightlight.  It's squishy soft and charges with an AC adapter so it can be unplugged and slept with at night.  Carter's is glowing next to him in bed as we speak.  It just takes a soft push on the top to turn it on and off.  :)

Carter's first night in a big boy bed is going WONDERFULLY so far.  He was SO excited to go to bed.  He RAN upstairs.  I tucked him in, gave him kisses, and closed the door.  He arranged his night night toys and went to sleep.  He never even attempted to get out of bed.  But we have a gate blocking his door... just in case.  :)  No waking up to little ones falling down the stairs for this mommy. 

Anyhoo... I'm supre happy with his room this far.  And so is he.  He LOVES it.  That's all the thanks I need.  ::happy sigh::


Anonymous said...

Awesome job with Carter's room, Kristin ...I've been really busy and haven't had much time to check out your blog...This is such a busy summer but I haven't forgotten...Margie

KRiSTiN said...

I don't even have time to update this dang thing most of the time, lol.

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