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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Blippity Blop Blurp

When did weekends become so insanely hectic?! I can remember a time not too long ago… ok, a LONG time ago, where I slept in (sometimes until the afternoon) lazed around doing nothing the majority of the weekend. NOW the weekends have become that teeny portion of time I have to cram everything I can’t physically do while I’m at work into. Including spending time with the kiddos. Sometimes I feel like I am FORCING together time. One child has to be physically restrained to get shoes on his still kicking feet and the other has to be hog-tied and dragged away from the computer. A less stubborn mother would just allow the children to remain happily plugging away at their chosen activities. But that is not fun. They will do as I say and LIKE it.

So we go. And we do. And sometimes I want to beat one, two or all three of the human males I live with. But mostly I don’t (Carter USUALLY stops whatever unacceptable behavior by the time the number 3 is reached).

Anyway, the weekends sometimes leave me more exhausted than the work week.

Last Friday I abandoned my family to go to Rockwall and visit my Dad. Who I guess is still my family. So I didn’t abandon all of them. Redeemed! Anyhoo, I went out to practice driving their new RV since I am borrowing it in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS for an awesome girls weekend roadtrip. But since I have never driven anything larger than my old Ford Explorer, practice is in order. 33 feet of vehicle is a lot my friends. Especially on small roads while making turns. My dad drove the RV up to a local church and I literally just drove around making turns for an hour and a half in said parking lot. It sounds unexciting. But it was pretty dang nerve racking. Eventually I got comfortable turning and only hit the curb, like, 5 times. But no trees, people or traffic. So that goes in the “Win” column.

Then he had me drive home. Well, his home. So not too far. But we went the long way to get some “real” experience in. HOLY HELL! It was like being in driver’s ed again! I was overly conscious of my every move and I think I nearly gave myself a seizure looking in all the 40 million side mirrors to see who/what was beside and behind me. I will proudly state I boldly went 55 mph in the beast. That is a monstrous feat, my friends.

Saturday came and that brought go-time for my previously devised plan to take the boys to the dollar movie theatre in Plano to see Kung Fu Panda 2. $4 bucks for tickets and then another $4 as an online processing fee. $8 for all of us? Yes please! I was SO proud of my ingenious way to have an inexpensive good time. However, Scott poo-pooed my idea to stop at the store beforehand to buy snacks. So we bought them at the concession stand. And of course Scott wanted FOOD. Not popcorn and drinks. He wanted lunch. So $42 dollars later, everyone had a munchies and a drink and we had a small popcorn to share. ::Sigh:: If he’d just listened instead of pulling out that smartass smirk when I told him we needed to stop, I could have saved us $30, but oh well. (I bet he listens next time, lol)

Then we went home and waited for Scott’s brother to come over. His family is different than my own. I talk to my parents frequently and my brother a moderate amount. He rarely talks to anyone in his family. Not out of any ill-will or falling out. It’s just how they operate. It works for them, so whatever. I have learned that while it isn’t MY way of doing things, I can’t control it so I just need to roll with it. Anyhoo, Cory (Scott’s brother) has been deployed in Iraq (I believe – I’m a horrible person for not being sure, I know) and living in Hawaii where he was stationed with his gorgeous family. Thus, he’d never met Carter and we’d never met his youngest daughter who’s 3 (again, I think ::bows head in sucktitude::). They came over for dinner and catching up. They are so much fun! I absolutely love them. I am 100% serious when I tell you that I won the in-law lottery. Cory is hilarious. He’s like Scott only different. Eh? It makes sense to me. And Kim, his wife is soooo sweet. They are just easy to be around. They are good people with sound values and fun spirits. And those girls are PRECIOUS!!

Watching them be princesses and ultimate fighting champions in the same 5 seconds made my ovaries tear up. Visions of princess Halloween costumes and buying prom dresses (not the slutty ones the other kids wear) danced in my head for a minute. But my husband is hellbent on preventing me from attempting a girl, so I guess those won’t ever be things I experience. ::sigh:: But nonetheless, my nieces are the cutest little girls ever. What sweethearts!!! And it was SO fun to play with girls for a change. Not that I don’t adore everything about my boys. But sometimes the lack of girlness is overwhelming for me and I feel WAY outnumbered. Who do I get to show makeup tips to? Who do I get to shop for wedding dresses with? Who will I battle over what age is appropriate to start shaving your legs? I guess I can attempt these things with the boys. ::snicker::

My point is, Saturday was fun. It was good to see them and even though we always SAY it, I really MEAN it when I promise to make the effort next time and go visit them… wherever they end up. Things are very traditional with them at the moment.

Sunday was shopping for a new dishwasher (which will be delivered tomorrow… YAY!) and then a birthday party for Thomas, one of Trenton’s favorite friends. They had their party at the same place Trenton did, the Tom Muelenbeck Center in Plano, but they got a space indoors. THANK GOODNESS since it was literally 107 or something outside. Both my boys had a BLAST. Carter is SOOOOO gung ho about swimming. He LOVES the water. Given the choice between swimming and… well… anything else, he’d chose swimming. The pool closed while we were there and everyone had to get out. This made for a VERY upset Carter. I had to carry him out of the pool and he did NOT like it. He told me multiple times, “No, mommy. I’s wanna wim”. Luckily he was distracted by a goody bag party favor. WHEW!

We got home in time for winding down and going to bed. That’s about it.

I awoke Monday feeling wonky and sure enough, was sick as I’d been in a long time. Fever, sore throat, headache, fatigue… the WORKS! I got home and went immediately to bed were I turned on Shark Week in the back ground and slept for almost all night. I got up once to eat tortillas, then I was back to bed and asleep. Feeling MUCH better today. Just the remnants of ick that always cling in the form of exhaustion. But after relaxing tonight, which I fully intend on doing, I should be back to being awesome. And watching Shark stuff. Because shark week is my favorite tv week. The superbowl, March madness, and the world cup could all die firey and stinky deaths without my life being negatively affected. But if shark week goes, so does my will to live.

1 comment:

Margie said...

You're such a busy girl but I'm glad that you're carving out some girl time for yourself...
I'm impressed that you're driving an RV....as Julie would tell you, I wouldn't even drive my friends in my little Forrester if it meant hours behind the wheel..being a passenger is my favorite way to travel. Hope you have a wonderful getaway with your friends.
Julie, Holt and Tristan are coming home in a few days and I can't wait.
It's been a very busy summer and more to come so I haven't forgotten to check the blog but basically I'm also on my reunion committee and we're about to celebrate our 50th...How the heck did that happen already??
I promise to respond more after summer is over....
p.s. Love your honesty when you write...bye, Margie

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