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Monday, August 08, 2011

August ='s lots of Crazy Fun!

I FINALLY finished my cabinets.  Kinda.  Lol.  I still have to do the pantry to REALLY be done.  But it just takes so dang long!  But all our cabinets are finished and the new hardware is on.  They look so good!  Especially next to our brand new dishwasher!  And the dishwasher actually CLEANS dishes.  I KNOW!!  So exciting.  :)

Friday we had a birthday party to attend for Preston.  While I had to explain to my husband that the potatoes at the potato martini bar were supposed to be in a glass, the event was super classy!  It was where Chaucers used to be in a cool little venue in Dallas Alley.  Open bar for 4 hours in the West End.  Highlights of the night include: Dance party with music from a genuine boombox, Karen's awesome story about old men and A/C death, the chick who spent 84% of the evening crouched in the corner where her cell phone was plugged in.

Now, you noted that I said open bar for 4 hours, right?  That's a lot of vodka pineapple juices.  After midnight when the party was over, Scott and I headed back to our West End hotel with Preston and Sarah in tow.  I remember horses. 

After getting back to our room, it was apparent we were having guests.  We weren't the only ones who'd enjoyed the bar service, lol.  After attempting every concieveable way to get food delivered, the boys went out to find some while Sarah passed out.  Eventually everyone had their fill of microwave pizza and passed out, S & P on the pull out couch. 

Then came the next morning.

I don't know when our guests left, but I didn't feel too terrible when they did.  Minor headache.  I have since realize this was because I was still floating on the haze of alcohol left in my system.  Scott was miserable from the second he woke up.  I went back to sleep and woke up to the hell of a hangover. 

Miserable.  I threw up on the trek home.  Luckily, Scott pulled over in time. 

By the time we got to Jen and Dave's to pick up Carter, I was feeling better.  Jen and Dave watched Carter for us because my parents had a wedding to attend that impacted when we had to go pick him up.  That sucked, so we asked our awesome friends.  It's a stingy favor to ask, though, because they have 2 girls and I am stoked about the opportunity to return the favor.  Anyway, Carter apparently had a great time because he cried getting into the car because he needed to wave "bye-bye" again. 

Saturday night we traveled out to Rockwall where I went RV driving with my dad and my brother.  I got on the highway this time, which was... different.  But I feel good about it.  I can TOTALLY handle a 33 foot vehicle with complete ease.  :/  Hehehe!  I am no longer terrified of it, in all seriousness, so that helps. 

Friday, I am working half a day then we're outta here!  Jen, Sarah, Amy, Bridget and I are off on our weekend getaway!  It's going to be SUPER fun.  Can't wait to post a zillion pictures of the crazy!

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