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Sunday, September 04, 2011

E... Estrogen

GAWD I love a good girls night.  :)  Last night, some of my favorite ladies and I got together to watch bad movies.  yes, intentionally subjecting ourselves to terrible movies.  Cheesey dialogue.  HORRIBLE special effects.  Story lines that make no sense. 

It was AWESOME!  Of course, 5 women, some adult beverages, and plenty of subject matter made for some constant chatter, but that's ok.  We watched about 15 minutes of 20 movies in all, lol.  We stuffed ourselves with food and beverage and laughed.  A lot. 

It was exactly what I needed.  Love my girls.  I had an absolute BLAST with you Krista, Amy, Shelly and Gibs.  Can't wait until next time!

1 comment:

k said...

oooooh! i like the knew "thoughts" section!

last sat. was fun.
i'm still recovering from it. because every day since then has been boring!

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