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Sunday, September 04, 2011

F... Fun

Sunday Funday!

Carter has developed at love of the movie Cars.  Which is no surprise, since he has always loved cars/tractors/trains/etc.  So today we took him to see Cars 2 in the theatre. 

This was a brave move on our part.  Carter rarely sits still for an entire movie.  But, I figured if he's a little restless or a little loud, it's a kid's movie in a theatre filled with other kids. 

We lucked out in the theatre being pretty empty.  Which I'd hoped for since the movie's been out for awhile.  And Carter did awesome. 

He loved it.  He did so much better than I thought he would!  I thought the first Cars was WAY better, but Carter didn't care.  He asked if we could watch it again tomorrow.  :)  Sadly, we won't, but we did stop at Target to get him a Lightning McQueen and Mater to keep him company.  I'd gotten rid of most of Trenton's stuff from the first one when he outgrew them.  So we'll have to restock, obviously.

Thank goodness his birthday is coming up.  :)

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