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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Q... Quite the Project

Imagine my delight ::heavy sarcasm:: when Trenton told me he wanted to be Snivey for Halloween.  Who’s Snivey?  What?  You AREN’T familiar with your basic level grass type pokemon?!  Hm.  Well, apparently most people aren’t as retailers don’t sell Snivey costumes.  So after making absolute 100% sure that’s what his heart was set on, I set out on the project of making his costume.  It was… a project.

This is Snivy

Quite the project indeed.  Especially for someone as anti-domestic as I.  Never have I used a sewing machine before and while sewing itself isn’t particularly difficult, the bobbin is the devil.  I hate it.  I broke needles, broke thread, loaded the bobbin wrong, didn’t realized the foot wasn’t down, loaded the bobbin wrong again, googled bobbin loading for 18 kinds of machines that weren’t even remotely similar to the one I was using…

Anyway, Snivey was eventually complete.  Or as complete as he was gonna get, lol.  It wasn’t perfect.  Not even halfway close.  But it worked.  I am SO glad it’s done. 

Carter’s costume was bought.  And it was pricey.  $50 and BELIEVE me, that was a good deal for his plush Lightning McQueen costume.  But I was so excited for him.  I ordered it weeks ahead of time.  He loved it… until it was time to go trick-or-treating.  Then he wanted to be Thomas the Train.  ::Sigh::  Really?  Tis the story of my life.

Anyway, we eventually convinced him he wanted to be Lightning, although I don’t remember how.  The promise of pizza and candy perhaps?  I don’t know.  So we loaded up and headed to the Binnings for Halloween festivities and trick-or-treating, much like last year.  We had a GREAT time… much like last year, lol.  The kids all looked adorable in their costumes and everyone behaved and shared and was sweet.  Trenton was in his element, being Mr. Man to Mia (Cheetah) and Kinzie (Lady Pirate) and Carter pulled up the rear.  For being a racecar, he had ZERO concern for his pinto pace.  The other kids were often a house or two ahead, lol.  And Lila (the Tin Man) and Greyson (Fuzzy Monster) sat happily in his stroller while his parents collected candy on his behalf, lol.

And, of course, my costume was awesome, like me.  I wore it all day... yes to work and it got rave reviews.  Possibly because I was the only person in the office dressed up, but whatever.  Some lady chased me down in Walgreens to touch my legs.  An odd moment... but I took it as a compliment.

Octopus Kristin

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S. Brook Bell said...

Good job mom! :) I love all the costumes!!!

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