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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

P... Projects

Thank you, PINTREST, for filling my head full of projects and receipes to fill my spare time with.  I've had so many projects lately!  In the last few days, I've finished our playroom storage bins.  We have an ikea storage shelf which I love, but it had some red storages boxes that I didn't love.  Translucent red eye sores really.  Didn't match anything we have in the playroom.

SOOO, thanks to some super cute things I saw on Pintrest, I decided to paint them with chalkboard paint.  That way they could be labeled and colored on and embrace the atmosphere of the PLAYroom.  I love them!  I had 8 which filled up half the shelf at one point.  But 2 fell to the whims of rough play and children climbing inside them.  But I still have 6.  Trust me, if you saw the way those 2 little boys use them, you'd be impressed with their durability. 

I also did some VERY early Christmas decorations.  Experiments, really.  I made snow globes to see how easy of a projects that would be for the boys to do.  Results?  SUPER easy and soooo cute.  Added bonus?  InSANEly inexpensive.

Canning jars (1 quart) 12 for $6.  Tree was $1 at Dollar Tree.  And the bells and fluffies in the one on the left were things I already had in.  Forgive my yucky iphone pictures.  (*TOTALLY random sidenote, I ordered my new iphone so in a few short weeks, maybe my crappy iphone pics won't be so crappy)
 All the fluffies and bells swirls around when shaken.  The tree is hot glued to the lid.  I love the sound the bells make as they clink around.  So fun!
 And of COURSE they both have enough glitter (snow) to choke an elephant.  Yay! 
I still need to hot glue a cute Christmasy ribbon around the bottom, but loving how cheap, easy and awesome this crafty goodness is.

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