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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

S... Sounds like Happy Birthday!

My itty bitty baby boy is no longer itty bitty nor a baby anymore.  Carter turned 3 yesterday.  Seems so unbelievable that he can be that big!  Little big man. 

To celebrate, Nana and Popaw came over and we 4 went to McKinney Avenue in uptown and rode the trolley.  Carter LOVES trains.  That being said, it took awhile for him to relax on the (adorably quaint) trolley.  We rode back and forth through Dallas twice.  Really fun.  I want to go back and do it again with my husband or my friends.  After the trolley ride, we came back to Plano and went to the indoor safari park.  More train rides, robotic animals rides, jungle gym, ball pit, train tables, mini golf... much fun was had indeed.  We came home in time to meet daddy and bubba arriving in the driveway.  We said bye to Nana and Popaw then went out to dinner.  Nothing fancy.  We went to chili's.  A menu that pleases everyone and an atmosphere that doesn't admonish the occasional loud statement of one or two overexcited little boys.  :)  After dinner, we came home and gave Carter the ONE gift he gets until his party next weekend... Cars 2 movie!  They boys watched most of it and then we all conked out.  Long but awesome day.  :)


Carter, you little toot.  I love you so much.  You are so stubborn for seemingly no reason sometimes, but you are the absolute sweetest thing.  I love your kisses and hugs and your silly words.  My heart melts each time you request your "sugga bug" song when we brush your teeth.  You love to sing and play, especially with your brother.  There has never been a child as resilent as you, I'm pretty sure.  You're as tough as they come.  :)

You love Thomas the Train and Cat in the Hat.  Sometimes you like Bob the Builder, but mainly you love those goofy tractors. 

One day, I'm sure we'll look back and laugh at your tendency to remove your diaper in the middle of the night.  However, the messes you make are less than humorous when I find them in the morning. 

You are SO incredibly smart.  You've been counting and have known your numbers for quite some time.  You had fire safety week at school.  You hilariously repeated, "Clothes on fire?  Don't be scared!  Drop and roll!!" for a some time.  Occasionally, we're still blessed with that super cute tidbit. 

Your big brother is your hero and you adore him.  And he does you, as well.  He is SO good with you.  You're a very lucky little boy. 

You've made so many friends at school and I love how they get excited and greet you when you come in.  You little charmer.

I love you, little nugget. 

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