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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Y... Yuletide Adventures

I can't believe it's Wednesday.  Actually, it's only half an hour until Thursday.  Why don't work weeks fly by this quickly.  :)  I've enjoyed being off since last Friday and spending time with my kiddos.  We've done several little projects and gone on several adventures, mostly Christmas themed (with the exception of Trenton and my date to see Alvin and the Chipmunks Sunday night). 

Today was no exception.  We went out for donuts this morning and each picked a "special" donut.  Special means sprinkles when you're under 10.  :)  Then we made a snoglobe (thanks pintrest!).  We would have made more, but the trinket items the boys selected at the dollar tree yesterday didn't fit into the jar.  Irritating.  Because I brought the jar top to be sure and it seemed like it'd fit.  Stupid, weird Santa bear limbs.  :/

Anyhoo, after Carter's nap (much needed for him AND me, lol), we got dressed and headed out to visit SANTA!  I was thinking it was early afternoon on a weekday.  How bad could the line be?  An hour and 15 minutes bad.  I've heard of worse, but UGH!  Trying to keep a wild child 3 year old from going nuts while standing in a horribly slow (seeming) line surrounded by people was exhausting!  Luckily, the closer we got to Santa, the quieter and more still Carter got.  You can't SEE Santa until you're almost "up" because they form the line behind him.  Carter was VERY excited to see Santa... until he actually saw him.  Then he realized he was going to be in the presence of a stranger in a garish red getup at that. 

Anyway, post Santa visit (no tears, but absolute silence and he refused to LOOK at Santa, despite Santa trying to guide his gaze to him with his hand on his chin), we went home to get Scott and then went out to eat.  After dinner, we went on our annual tradition of looking at Christmas lights in Deerfield in Plano.  We got there every year.  I go back and forth every year about trying some place new.  But they are consistant.  So few neighborhoods get into decorating like they do.  I love it.  Carter was WAY into it this year.  Glued to the window kind of into it.  Yelling and pointing... it was fun.  Both boys went to bed...way past their bedtime, I might add... without a whimper of a fight. 

It was a good day.  A busy, crazy, insane day.  But that can be good sometimes.  :)

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