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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Fish Tales... or... Tails? No, No Tales. Sticking with Tales

I love fish!  Mostly live ones, but the "x" eyed kind is delicious from time to time.  Anyway, it's Saturday night and everyone else is in bed.  What am I doing?  Sitting on my butt and staring at my aquarium.  I LOVE watching those little buggers chase each other around their tank.  It's SO relaxing.  And my fishies are so pretty!!  I have 14 African cichlids and 1 gianormous pleco (like 7 inches long).

I have Jewels, an Auratus, Bumblebees, Yellow Labs, and Kenyi.  Lots of blues and yellows with some shimmery red and silver thrown in by the Jewels.

Most of my water peeps were camera shy, but I got a couple of snaps of some of them.  They're still teeny babies, but they'll get up to 4-5 inches long when they're grown.

Health Benefits of Aquarium Fish

Do you have a stressful life, high blood pressure, insomnia? Keeping an aquarium may be good therapy for you. Studies going back as far as the late 80’s have shown that gazing at aquarium fish reduces stress and subsequently lowers blood pressure.

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