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Friday, January 13, 2012

I have become obsessed with looking at houses via the internet.  I am SO ready to move.  We're probably staying in Plano, but just moving further West.  Which I'm mucho excited about.  However, because of the stupid economy and some dummies with their adjustable rate mortages, getting a loan is much trickier these days.  And while in my fantasies, I'm made of money, in reality, saving for a down payment AND paying off all our credit card debit and bills is seeming like somewhat of an impossibility.  UGH!  We don't even need that much money!  But there's always something to spend money on.  Christmas, birthdays, cruise excusrsions...  you may be thinking,

"Kristin, you could dial down your spending on these things.  That might help."  And you'd be right.  About it helping.  Not about my ability to actually do it.  Because I can't.  Birthdays are special and Christmas is... well, it's CHRISTMAS.  It's supposed to be special and magical.  Plus, I am addicted to buying things I think my boys will love.  Add that to having to buy the things we need (I swear, where to socks GO?!?!) and it gets ridiculous. 

I WILL say, I'm a deal finding nut.  I LOVE bargins and my new love is consignment shopping.  Not super new, I've been doing it for awhile, but semi new.  I LOVE buying something in "like new" condition then looking up what it would have cost brand new.  I feel like a trumpet player should be following me around waiting to blast musical praise when I score a good deal.

Maybe I could hire someone...

Anyhoo, this weekend we're heading up to OK for some casino time.  Scott's in a poker tourny and I'm going to seduce some penny slots into making me rich.  Should be fun.  Then NEXT weekend we leave for our 7 day cruise.  This cruise has literally been planned for YEARS.  My parents have been trying to take us but between Carter being too young then my brother not being able to take time off work, etc., we haven't been able to go.  But the stars aligned and our ship sets sail the 22nd.  Yay!  Bathing suit = bad.  However, bathing suit + drinks = who cares. I'll just have to find someone fatter than me to stand next to whilst in swimming attire.  Or maybe they'll have an onboard Manatee look-alike contest I can win.  I think I have that in the bag.


Me trying on my new swimsuit (I know... red?  What was I thinking?!)

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