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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ho, Ho, Holy crap I'm tired...

Ok, I am making it fast. Christmas Eve we did the extended family thing. Trenton wasn't there, but we had fun. Everyone, of course, loved Carter. We do the bring a gift then someone can steal thing there. It's always interesting. Most people bring booze these days, but I got a quesadilla maker. I LOVE making quesadillas so I was excited!

Then Christmas day, we went to my 'rents and did dinner and stockings. Yes, we still get stockings from Santa, lol. So do my brother and I's signifigant others, plus my kids, so it's fun. Again, Trenton was absent, which is why we didn't exchange gifts, but it was a nice evening of playing games, poker, eating to the point of physical pain, and just relaxing.

Making Daddy Proud

My previous blog was about the 26th when Trenton came home and we celebrate here, so I'm skipping that and moving on to today. Back to my parent's to exchange gifts. Every year, in addition to the gifts I give my family, I take Trenton to the dollar store and let him pick out gifts all on his own. He really puts effort into deciding what to get everyone, but he's famous for giving out random things like birdseed... to my brother who's never owned a bird or a weird pot/bong thing with an indian face and feathers on it to my dad. So those are always, in my opinion, the highlight of the gift exchange. It's entertaining to say the least. So we had hot dogs (lol, traditional, I know) and watched Band of Brothers (AGAIN) on TV until my parents had to leave for the Stars game. All-in-all, a sucessful holiday!! :)

Some of Trenton's gifts to people this year...

Cat toys, a rubber angel, and an antler headband. Aren't you jealous?!

1 comment:

Carol said...

I probably WOULD be jealous, but I LOVE the Flarp that Trenton gave me this year. It's very relaxing to drive your fingers into a cold gooey mixture whose sole purpose is to make farting noises.

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