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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Speed of lightning, roar of thunder...

We finished the weekend out by hanging at home Saturday night and then Sunday, we watched "Underdog". Cute movie. I'll admit, when Trenton requested it, I thought it looked painfully dumb and I inwardly groaned. But it wasn't that bad. And for whatever reason, he really wanted to see it. And Underdog had the best theme song. I never really like that cartoon. Or any of the old cartoons. I was a Fraggle Rock and Sesame Street girl (I liked puppets, I guess), but that theme song sticks. Ted, from one of my favorite TV shows can remind you if you've forgotten...

I wanted to sit outside and roast marshmallows in either the firepit or the chimea, but the weather kept promising rain. Never REALLY rained until late Sunday night, so I was kinda grumpy about that. But we'll do it sometime soon. If not this week, then the next.

I'm really enjoying being at home. What a blessing to get to spend so much time with my kids. Carter and I spend all morning together and then we walk to Trenton's school at 2:40pm and wait for him to be released. Then we all walk home together. The afternoon flies by and before I know it, Scott's home. I am truly thankful for all the hours I get with my little men. Carter is so big and almost sitting up on his own. I've been lucky enough to be here when he rolled ocer for the first time, smiled the first time, and laughed the very first time. By God's grace, I will see more "firsts" as opposed to them happening in daycare. I am embarking on a new venture that has gotten a better response than I originally expected. More on that later, though. We'll see how that turns out. Maybe it'll be profitable enough for me to be here, where I feel like I belong, with my kids. One can hope. :)

I was up until a little after 4:30am this morning. I was researching things on the computer and time just slipped away from me. That meant that Carter's 7:45am cry for breakfast hit me like a wall of water would hit a skydiver after falling 1,000 feet, but the fact that he giggled and smiled for 30 minutes after he was done eased the pain of impact.

He talks CONSTANTLY. His waking hours are a stream of "Goo ba pfffftt saaaag geh", or some version of random sounds. You get the idea. Most sentences are punctuated with him blowing big, wet rasberries. He is the slobberin-est little boy ever, lol. My Monkey.

He'll be 6 months old on May 7th. INSANE. Half a YEAR. Doesn't seem possible.

Our wedding anniversary is coming up, too. It's actually on Mother's Day. Since my parents will be gone, we have no sitter. So that means no celebrating. We'll probably just sit at home on the couch and watch TV. And eat some of our wedding cake, of course.

Happy Tuesday, Friends!! Enjoy your families!!

I leave you with this. Proof of me enjoying mine.

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Alyssa said...

Awwww, he's such a great big brother! I'm wanting to wait for the next one until Kylan gets around that age that way there isn't as much jealousy. Good luck on your little venture and if it works out, maybe you can give me a little idea!! :-)

Congrats on the one year! Hopefully your cake is still good because ours tasted like old flowers!! hahaha

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